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Essays derive from the Latin “exagium,” which is translated literally as “evidence”? An essay is, therefore, a brief piece of writing in which one presents a point of view or shares a personal experience. Essays are specially designed. So, let’s study Essay Writing formats, types, and writing guidelines.

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Typically, an essay presents a point of view or narrative from the author. Writing in both formal and informal ways is acceptable. Story, paper, and article are frequently used interchangeably. There is typically an intellectual tone to formal essays, as they deal with serious subjects. The focus will be placed on informal writings, which often contain amusing elements and are more introspective.

Essays Paragraphs

A paragraph is a collection of connected sentences that develops a single central concept. The essay’s body paragraphs should either provide the following information,

  • A theme statement that states the primary or controlling notion of body paragraphs that describe and expand the statement. You’re expressing proof from your readings or an experience from the subject that illustrates your point.
  • An examination of the implications, significance, and effects of the evidence was followed by a critical inference you made from the evidence.
  • The last sentence clarifies your argument, evaluates the supporting data, or serves as a segue to the following paragraph.

5 Types of Essays

  • Expository writing explains something.
  • Descriptive writing conjures a picture.
  • Narrative writing tells a tale.
  • Persuasive – Persuade the audience with your point of view (POV).
  • Argumentative – Research a topic and develop a point of view.

The Method Of Essay Writing

It’s essential to use an effective writing process when producing any document, including essays, research papers, term papers, novels, short stories, poems, screenplays, and blog posts about essay writing, novels, short stories, and poems. Even if you want to compose your draft version in a webcast style, you must still have a structured framework to edit and refine it. Specific basic five-step writing processes apply to essays:

  • Coming up with ideas
  • Making preparations
  • Drawing up
  • Updating
  • Spelling and punctuation

Essay structure

  • Overview
  • Body sentences
  • Summary

Tips Writing Essays

  • Give the title of your essay something intriguing and pertinent. It will aid in grabbing the reader’s attention and arousing their curiosity.
  • It should not exceed 500 words. This is the recommended length; however, you may raise it or decrease it as you see fit.
  • Be sure to use precise, basic wording. The text loses its flow when overly challenging or complicated terms are used.
  • Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The reader will become distracted from the information if this isn’t done.
  • Prepare a preliminary draft of your essay before you start writing.
  • Taking this approach ensures that the story flows smoothly and doesn’t resemble a jumble.


Essay writing is a crucial skill that is essential for students in high school, college, and beyond. Essays serve as a means of conveying one’s ideas, opinions, and knowledge on a particular subject. It is an art that requires practice, patience, and discipline to master. In this essay writing manual, we will explore the various aspects of essay writing, from planning and structuring your essay to researching, writing, and editing it.

  1. Understanding the Purpose of an Essay Before you begin writing an essay, it is crucial to understand its purpose. Essays serve various purposes, such as informing, persuading, and entertaining the reader. Therefore, it is essential to identify the purpose of your essay and tailor your writing accordingly.
  2. Planning Your Essay Planning is a crucial aspect of essay writing. A well-planned essay is structured, coherent, and easy to read. It involves creating an outline, conducting research, and gathering relevant information on the subject matter.
  3. Structuring Your Essay A well-structured essay is easy to read and understand. It involves organizing your ideas into paragraphs, using topic sentences, and providing evidence to support your arguments.
  4. Writing Your Essay Writing an essay involves drafting, revising, and editing your work. It is essential to write clearly and concisely, avoiding ambiguity and jargon.
  5. Referencing Your Essay Referencing is a crucial aspect of essay writing, as it ensures that your work is credible and reliable. It involves citing your sources and providing a reference list or bibliography.


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