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Many people in the medical field are familiar with the term “Electronic Medical Record.” However, many individuals are unaware of how advanced EMR systems have become. EMR systems nowadays can handle everything from practice administration to invoicing. This article discusses Centricity EMR Software’s top features to better understand the EHR/EMR system.

Centricity EMR

The Centricity system includes low-maintenance software that provides consistent service while reducing the need for IT resources. Centricity ensures that provider practices comply with federal HIPAA security rules without sacrificing employee efficiency. Centricity EMR’s e-prescribing technology assists healthcare professionals in reducing errors, responding quickly to refill requests, and tracking patient medication access. The Centricity EMR includes additional healthcare, organizational, and workflow management technologies, enabling doctors and medical professionals to provide high-quality care promptly. Over 30,000 doctors have utilized GE Healthcare’s Centricity EMR technology.

Through innovative technology, analytics, applications, and solutions, GE Healthcare, a global leader in healthcare innovation, pharmaceutical testing, and online services, employs its Edison intelligence system to assist physicians in making faster, more informed choices. Centricity Software is committed to fostering a diverse workplace that values mutual respect, transparency, and unshakable honesty.

Top Centricity EMR Features

Patient Portal

The client portal is a crucial component of any EHR system. It comes up in many Centricity EMR reviews. The primary goal of a patient portal is to provide patients with unlimited access to the documents they require. They may communicate with their doctors and receive their results through the internet. It maintains essential confidentiality and privacy while providing a steady connection. Customers may also learn more about their illnesses and look up relevant information. They may also schedule appointments and receive reminders to ensure they do not forget or arrive late. During the demo, you will see how the GE Centricity EMR looks and functions.

Customizable Templates

Another outstanding aspect of Centricity EMR is the large number of templates included in the base program package. These are incorporated into the program and maybe tweaked to meet the clinic’s needs. You may also select from different forms and change the fields to match your needs. Because the charts and surveys contain so much data, they must be displayed logically. As a result, if you ask for a GE Centricity EMR demo, you can go through each one and evaluate it.

Seamless Integration

Centricity EMR Software may be seamlessly linked with any industry’s revenue cycle management or practice management system. Thanks to the Centricity EHR system, clinicians have all the tools they need to improve their operations and solutions. In the United States, it’s also one of the most widely used software programs in the healthcare industry. Centricity EHR Software might connect various medical devices and imaging systems. Doctors in several fields, such as cardiology, orthopedics, and community health clinics, will benefit from the program.

Remote Access

Since everyone nowadays demands simple services, the healthcare system has been modified to include technology that reduces the required work. Centricity EMR now provides a mobile app you can install on your tablet or phone. It allows you to look up client information, make appointments, examine diagnoses, and access additional information. Overall, the mobile app is easy to use and offers you accessibility to all of your documents and resources from any location. It’s been cited by several customers as one of the top Centricity EMR features.

Easy Referrals

Being a physician and having a practice both rely heavily on referrals. Referrals used to take a long time and needed a lot of physical labor. However, this is no longer the case. The EMR software allows you to make a referral in seconds. This saves both you and your client time because you don’t have to go through the hassle of referring them to someone verified in hours or even days rather than seconds through your EMR!

Integrated Practice Management

The potential of EMR software is unlimited as it advances at a quick pace. You have the choice of now being able to run your practice with simplicity using Centricity EMR. Not only are your patient files organized, but the program also manages client bookings and your schedule, ensuring that you never miss a meeting and that your patients receive reminder notifications & can cancel at any time, reducing no-shows at your office! This will help you save time and help you practice more effectively in the long term.


Health files and related paperwork are critical components of maintaining a medical practice and must be carefully preserved. The documentation function was intended to make filling out charts and forms more accessible. You may also use speech and dictation tools to convert your notes to text. This is perfect for physicians who are always on the move and don’t have time to sit in front of a computer. This feature is built into the Centricity EMR software to make it easier for physicians and clinical staff to maintain their files up to date. It makes up for the money you’ll have to put in.


Centricity EMR Software is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that offers a wide range of features to support healthcare providers in delivering high-quality care to their patients. Here are some of the top features that make Centricity EMR Software stand out:

  • Customizable Templates: Centricity EMR Software offers customizable templates for various medical specialties, allowing healthcare providers to document patient encounters and quickly access relevant patient data.
  • Clinical Decision Support: The system offers tools that help healthcare providers make informed treatment decisions based on the latest medical evidence and guidelines.
  • Patient Portal: The patient portal feature allows patients to access their medical records securely, communicate with their healthcare providers, and schedule appointments online.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Centricity EMR Software also includes revenue cycle management tools that streamline billing and payment processes, reduce claim denials, and improve financial performance.
  • Integrated Imaging: The system integrates with various imaging and diagnostic tools, allowing healthcare providers to easily view and manage patient images and test results within the EMR.
  • Population Health Management: Centricity EMR Software offers population health management tools that enable healthcare providers to track and manage the health of patient populations, identify gaps in care, and implement targeted interventions.

Final Words!

Centricity EMR software is a fantastic piece of medical software. Even though the program covers a wide range of medical disciplines, it is best recognized for Neurology. You may book a Centricity EMR demo to learn more about Centricity EMR Software or Centricity EMR Neurology solutions. The demonstration will also teach you about Centricity EMR’s features and pricing plans!

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