Top 12 Equipment You Must Have In Your Home Gym

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For several reasons, many people don’t prefer gym memberships like busy schedules, expensive gym fees, being unable to hit the gym regularly, timing issues. pandemic, and many more. No matter what the reason, it is an increasing trend of building home gyms.

Especially during the covid period people started building gyms in small spaces or in garage. Still, this concept is gaining popularity. Home gym facilitates in many ways like you don’t need to specially take out time to go to a gym, you can buy equipment which you like, design your gym the way you want, and you can also motivate your family members towards a healthy lifestyle.

Well thinking about building a home gym the first thought we get is about the expense. Once home gyms were considered luxurious things. It is not true. You can plan your gym depending on your budget and your reason for gyming. Some people do the gym for health issues, weight loss, bodybuilding, to release the stress, and to tone up the body.

The quality of the gym instrument also plays a significant role. If you live in the UK, you can avail sweatband discount code to buy high-quality gym equipment at a reasonable price.

Following is a list of The top 12 pieces of equipment you must have in your home gym.

Jumping Rope

The jumping rope doesn’t feel like an exercise since in childhood we all have done it. Jumping double dutch is a part of cultural dance in many regions. But did you know that jumping rope can strengthen your upper and lower body.

It helps in improving workout stamina. It is an excellent exercise for the whole body including the legs, abdomen, and arms. You can also try wireless jumping up if you want to keep the noise slow.


Dumbbells are among the essential gym tools which you can use in several ways. You can buy sets of several weights for your home gym. You can perform different exercises of arms, legs, shoulders, chest, and abdomen using dumbbells.

You can use dumbbells in combination with other exercises including squad and push-ups. It is an excellent way to strengthen body muscles. They are cheaper as well.


It is not as convenient as the dumbbells because the weight is not distributed evenly. But at the same time if you train yourself it provides more strength and stabilisation to your body.

By using a kettlebell you can perform workouts of the back, arms, abdomen, and even legs. Variety of weight levels and kettlebells helps in improving body strength. The 30-minute circuit workout on machines with workout tracking software is the key component. It’s like working out with a personal trainer.

A Yoga Mat

Yoga is among the best exercises for improving your physical and mental health. If you are not attending your yoga class, you can perform it at home by watching tutorials on television or cell phone. Yoga strengthens your body, relaxes your mind, and increases flexibility.

Gliding Disc

Gliding disc looks like a frisbee providing support to the hands and feet during core workout. It strengthens the core muscles. You can use it for mountain climbing and lounges.

Step Decks

A step deck gives the vibes of 80’s aerobic class. Due to its small size you can store it under the bed or in your closet.

Abs Roller

It is a wheel with a handle that helps in strengthening your core. A strong core improves balance and posture.


You can buy electronics or if low in budget a foldable treadmill. Walking and running is the best exercise and with a foldable treadmill you can do it in any weather. It is the best instrument for cardio exercise.

Pilates Ring

They are flexible metal or rubber rings, having small pads on either side which you can hold. You can use it on arms, thighs, or between ankles.

Exercise Bike

You can buy a cycling bike which provides great cardio and strengthening exercise into your routine. If you are low in budget, you can buy a foldable cycling bike which is easy to use and consumes less space.

Resistance Bands

A variety of resistance bands are present in the market used in several ways. Resistance exercise bands make the muscles work harder by applying pressure and exercise like kicks, hip bridges, jumping squirts.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are necessary for support and proper body alignment. You can also place your laptop on them during an online class or office meetings.

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No matter how many and what instruments  you’re installing in your house gym the thing which is important is how consistent you are with your workout routine.

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