Climate Change Protest

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Mass protests are unpredictable, especially if you are participating in protests organized by a climate change organization. Before you participate in any climate change protest, you need to prepare yourself. Many people assume that what they need for a protest are witty signboards and nothing else. But that’s not enough if you want to offer active participation in the protest. You have to prepare yourself to face all the possible situations that might be caused as a result of the protest. That’s why we are here to boost your spirits and prepare you for the protest. Below we have given some important information that you must know before heading to an environmental protest.

First, Understand The Need Behind Climate Change Protest

Our environment is getting polluted day by day, decreasing the quality of air. And the biggest proof for that is the unusual climate change. In many countries, summer months have shifted to winter months and vice versa. Droughts, excess rainfall leading to floods, changes in snowfall patterns etc are also consequences of climate change. Still most of us ignore it due to lack of environmental awareness. We are so busy in our lives that we forgot to take care of our environment. That’s the reason why today the need for climate change protests is high. Organisations like Sunrise movement and more, are spending their time awarding not only the people of the US but the whole world, the importance of environment safety. They frequently organise movements and protests to stop unwanted climate change. To contribute your share towards our environment, join as much as climate change movements you can. 

Prefer Going In A Group

Protests can go sideways very easily. This is the reason why it is important to attend a protest in a group or with people you can trust like with your friends or acquaintances. Connect with your folks via WhatsApp or other messenger apps and decide the place to meet up, in case, anyone in your group gets separated. 

It’s also essential to have a protest partner that stays with you at all times. The person should be someone who’s closest to you, in terms of the relationship like your GF or wife. Have you planned to just show your support in the protest from the back? Or want to become the front liners, the one who leads the protest? It does not matter how you participate, it is always safer to have someone trustworthy with you. 

Also going in a group is better than going with people you don’t know. In any mishappening, the people in your group will support you and keep you safe. There’s an old saying, too- you can break a single stick very easily but breaking a bunch of sticks together is tough. Meaning if you go into climate change protest alone, there will probably be no one to help you. On the other hand, if you go with a group of people you trust, everyone will take care of each other, thus you will be safer.

Pack Snacks And Water

Staying hydrated is important to maintain your endurance. You never know when you might get hungry during any speech or something and need snacks to keep your energy boosted. Also to keep yourself hunger-free for a long time, it’s best to eat before going to the protest. You never know how much you have to walk, how your day will go, and whether or not you will get time to eat. So make sure to eat a high-calorie good meal to keep your stomach full. In addition, drink lots of water. The last thing you wish is to get dehydrated in the middle of a youth climate activism protest.

Final Words

So these were a few important things that anyone participating in a protest must know. It’s best to prepare yourself before going in a climate change protest to give your 100 percent. Also, don’t forget to learn everything about “How to fight climate change” in case you get a chance to give a speech on it. You must know the motive of your protest.

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