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Personal care services are the assistance offered to patients with disabilities, illnesses and injuries. They may not be able to carry out daily activities on a permanent or temporary basis. To look after them, personal care assistants are hired, who are trained and licensed to offer these services. A number of benefits may be received with the help of personal care services Philadelphia. In many cases, these services are not up-to-the-mark and cause several issues. The patients do not get the desired results as expected. Some of these problems are mentioned below:

Just performing their jobs.

Sometimes, patients feel that they are not treated properly when these professionals offer their services. It seems like they are just doing their jobs and not being friends, which was the main reason why they were hired. In such a situation, they feel lonely and depressed. Your purpose of hiring a personal care assistant is not served. 

Not attending to the patient as expected. 

If you have hired a personal care assistant, who does not complete his or her job as expected, you might feel that you are just wasting your time, money and effort. In many cases, the caregiver is on his or her phone most of the time or reaches very late. This way, the patient cannot receive vital personal care services for which he has been hired. Moreover, the medicines and meals will also get delayed. It will affect the health of a patient in an adverse manner.

Confusion about the services they offer

It has been observed that they may not offer the kind of service they have been hired for. This is because, the agency has not made either it clear or the caregiver is not aware of his duties despite being informed. In this case, the patient may not be able to receive the care and assistance he needs and deserves. In most cases, you will have to contact the agency to get either refund or a replacement for the caregiver.

The caregiver is unable to cook.

If the personal assistant is not able to help in meal preparation, it can affect the health of the patient. Diet is important when it comes to the physical health of a patient or senior person. It is suggested to ask your agency to send someone who has basic cooking skills.

It is a good idea to list your requirements before hiring any personal caregiver. 

Common Complaints of Patients Receiving Personal Care Services

Personal care services, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, are essential for maintaining good hygiene and overall health. However, patients receiving these services may have several complaints that can impact their comfort and well-being. One common complaint is a lack of privacy, as patients may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable being assisted with personal tasks in front of others. Another complaint is a lack of empathy from care providers, who may treat patients as just another task to complete rather than a person in need of care. Some patients may also feel that the care providers are rushing through the tasks or not paying enough attention to their needs, resulting in improper or incomplete services. Additionally, patients may experience pain or discomfort during personal care services due to improper techniques or rough handling.

It’s important for care providers to be aware of these common complaints and make efforts to address them. This can involve providing more privacy, showing empathy and a caring attitude, listening to patient’s needs and concerns, and using proper techniques to minimize discomfort during care. By doing so, patients will feel more comfortable and satisfied with the personal care services they receive.

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