7 Body Image Activities to Help You Love Yourself
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We only get one body, and it’s the one we’re born with. We can do certain things to take care of it, but there are some things you can’t change. That said, learning to love your body is difficult, especially in today’s modern world.

Photoshop, social media, and cultural pressure are often to blame. They create unrealistic expectations. A number of body image activities can help you overcome this and learn to love yourself.

These include building a support network around you and practicing positive self-affirmation. Working through things with professional therapists also helps. Keep reading for a guide to seven body image activities to help you love yourself.

Surround Yourself With Support

Being confident in your own skin is something that needs to start from within. Though that doesn’t mean you should go on this journey alone. One of the best activities you can do for yourself and your body is to find positive reinforcement.

This means surrounding yourself with a support system of like-minded people. Being in the right circle of peers can better help you love your body. Not only do they provide a sense of validation, but they also encourage you to accept yourself as a whole.

Remember, you are more than just your body -find people who understand and respect this. The last thing you want are people who prey on your insecurities. Don’t let them drag you down.

Don’t Lose Yourself In Social Media

The world is pushing towards becoming more inclusive and accepting. While things may seem slow to progress – it’s still is a win for many of us. The fashion industry and media constantly left out many who struggled with body image issues.

Remember that what you see online isn’t reality. They’re moments that are carefully crafted to fit a narrative. These are then sold to an audience to make maximum profit, all thanks to capitalism.

Don’t fall victim to this. Do your body and mental health a favor, and find time to disconnect from the internet and social media.

Change Things Up

Enjoying the shopping experience and dressing up was (and could still feel) limiting. Generations after generations were growing up with unrealistic body expectations forced upon them. However, a major shift is happening now, and it will only keep continuing in the future.

There are many brands that are now more body-positive and inclusive. This means cute and trendy items are no longer as out of reach as before. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut and want a new look or style – go for it.

Get that haircut or color you’ve always wanted, or even make your own inspired OOTD. Embrace your body, and stop worrying about what others think. Focus on yourself and let your confidence shine.

Practice Self-Affirmations

Life can already be stressful enough; what more if we add our own negativity on top of it too. Studies have shown that what we think of subconsciously affects our lives on a deeper level. Saying unkind and hurtful words to yourself on a regular basis impacts you more than you think.

Being kinder and accepting starts within, and practicing daily affirmations helps with this. It may be a difficult process, especially if you aren’t used to it. Though once you get the hang of it, you’ll notice the difference.

Soon, you’ll catch yourself focusing more on the good instead of the flaws of others. Break the negativity cycle by starting with yourself. You’ll then naturally progress to being a body-positive advocate for others.

Don’t Look, But See Instead

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a positive body image. There are times that looking at yourself in the mirror induces negative emotions and feelings. When this happens, it’s important that you look beyond the reflection and see yourself as a whole.

While it may be hard at first, this is a good first step to build your confidence. Remind yourself about how much your body does for you daily and your accomplishments. Do this as a self-affirmation, and day by day, you’ll learn to appreciate and love yourself – flaws and all.

Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to “change” parts of you; this is normal. However, remember that sometimes, change isn’t always the answer. Looking at yourself as “parts” clouds judgment; this is why it’s better to see your body and self as a whole.

Work Through It

One of the most important body positivity activities you can do for yourself is therapy. It isn’t uncommon for poor body image to have links with other deep-seated negative thoughts and emotions. Seeking trustworthy professionals who can tell you more about cognitive-behavior therapy can help.

Whether it’s guiding you to acceptance or holding your hand as you deal with change. Working through your inner thoughts and the why’s and how’s of things will be key. It’s also more ideal if the advice and encouragement you get are from someone with the right credentials. 

The end goal is for you to overcome your body issues and understand things better. Surrounding yourself with positivity helps a lot, but therapy provides a solid foundation. Think of it as an established and methodical support that’ll always want the best for you.

Practice Movements Your Body Enjoys

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary for your growth. However, forcing your body to do what it isn’t comfortable doing isn’t the way to go. If you do find yourself needing or wanting more movement or physical activity, then make sure you choose one that your body enjoys.

Trying to over-exert yourself too fast and too soon on things your body may not be able to handle is risky. It’s best that you do an activity level that doesn’t leave your body hurting or strained. Do activities enjoy doing, and it won’t feel like strenuous exercise.

It doesn’t matter if it’s dancing, swimming, or walking. What matters is that you feel good and refreshed after your activities. Add it to your list of body image activities and amaze yourself with how well it works.

Practicing Good Body Image Activities

It can be difficult to navigate through a media and societal landscape that body shames. Practicing good body image activities can help you learn to overcome this. Finding ways to love yourself is important for long-term mental wellbeing.

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