Skip-Bo rules


Skip-Bo is a widely played card game owned by international games/ Mattel. Skip-Bo is named after a lady Minnie Hazel Bowmen and “skip” was her nickname. Skip-Bo is a card sequencing game in which players use their intellectual skills to build piles of cards in ascending order. Skip-Bo rules are discussed in this article.

Objective: To clear off all cards from the stockpile and avoid others from playing their cards more rapidly than you. The first person who can play all the cards in their stockpile will be the champion.

Skip-Bo rules with regular cards

There are two types of cards; some are wild cards (Skip-Bo cards) while others are numerical cards 1-12. There are 144 numerical cards and 18 “Skip-Bo” cards which are wild; collectively, both form 162 cards. Skip-Bo (wild) cards can replace any number when required. The participants can range from 2 to 6, mostly they play individually, but you can also like to play in groups. The dealer person will shuffle all cards. The number of cards distributed to each player could vary from 1 to 30 depending upon the number of players and the time duration for which players want to play. If you want shorter play, then 10 cards will be used. These cards make up the stockpile of each player. Four different types of card piles in the playing area are mentioned below.

  • Stock Pile: each player has a stockpile with 10-30 cards. The top card is face-up, while all others are face-down.
  • Draw Pile: contains all cards except the stockpile.
  • Building Pile: all the players assemble these piles with cards numbering from 1 to 12 in sequential order: They can only initiate with the number 1 or Skip-Bo card. Up to 4 building piles can be assembled.
  • Discard Pile: if a player wants to end his/her turn, then he/she should have to discard a card. These piles (up to 4) can be developed without order or number of cards limitations.
  • Hand Cards: all the players must have 5 cards in hand for each turn. When these cards are discarded in the discard pile, new cards should be drawn from the draw pile to maintain the number.

How to play; Skip-Bo rules 4 players.

Usually, when there are 2 to 4 players dealer distributes 30 cards per player. The youngest player mostly takes the first turn. After the distribution of cards, the game is preceded by making the building pile. Building pile started with the number 1 or Skip-Bo card and progressed by building in ascending order ends with the number 12 card. When one building pile is completed, then the next pile is played, the number of building piles should not exceed 4.

You can play your card in any of the 4 available building piles without the restriction of the number of cards.If you don’t have a relevant card, discard a card, and your turn ends. You can use any required card from your stockpile, hand cards, and even from the discard pile. Firstly, try to use cards from the stockpile, which is the target of the game. If the draw pile is all played, then the completed building pile can be used as a new draw pile.

Scoring and Winning

Skip-Bo winner is the one who plays all the cards in his/her stockpile. When you want to play several times and keep scores: the winner of each game scores 25 points for each game and additionally 5 points for each card remaining in his opponents’ stockpile. The first person to reach 500 points win.

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 Important Instruction  

  • Shuffle all the cards vigorously. Shuffling and distribution of cards should be done carefully.
  • Building piles are formed as time passes, so be sure to leave enough space for building piles.
  • The top card of the stockpile should be flipped over, and all other cards must face down.
  • Discard Piles should not be more than four.
  • When players want a short game, then the stock Pile should consist of 10 cards.
  • Prefer to play cards from the stockpile.
  • Try to use a larger play area because things get messy in smaller areas.
  • The cards are of different colors, but it doesn’t matter; only the number of cards is important.
  • It is mandatory to keep quiet in group play.
  • It is compulsory to pick more cards from the draw pile to maintain 5 hand cards.


  • Who can play Skip-Bo? 

Anyone aged 7 years or above can play.

  • Can I use any card from the discard pile?

Only the top card can be used. You cannot draw a card from the middle or center

  • How many participants can play the game?

Two to three players can participate at once.


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