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Data engineering is a rapidly expanding discipline as more firms seek to harness the potential of data. As a result, skilled data engineers are in higher demand. The best part about learning data engineering is that resources are easily accessible. Everything you want to know about data engineering is online. Whether you’re considering a career change or a recent graduate searching for ways to get into the world of data engineering, there’s a course for you!

Here’s How to Get a Data Engineering Professional Certificate

The best online data engineering classes are classified by several characteristics, including cost, duration, difficulty, instructor credentials, student feedback, and whether or not they provide certification. Let us investigate the possibilities:

Introduction to data engineering by Coursera

If you’re just starting and have no idea how data engineering works, this course might be worth a look because it promises to cover all the principles and explain the necessary tools.

It also gives a brief overview of the data engineering ecosystem and its components. This topic is greatly valued because it prepares you for various job routes in data engineering. The best feature about this course is that it includes hands-on labs that will assist you in setting up an IBM Cloud Lite account.

Also, it is linked to several programs, so you can access it after completing this course, implying that the learning never stops and you keep moving forward! It provides three duration options to the data engineer full course takes between one month, three months, and six months.

Data Engineering-Etl, Web Scraping, Big Data, SQL, Power Bi by Udemy

The data engineering professional certificate is around 12.5 hours of on-demand video. This introductory-level course focuses on ETL, which is a data pipeline used to collect data from many sources or formats and move it to other data stores. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Data Tools are also covered (SSDT). The course clocks at around 134 lectures, each with an average of 5-10 minutes of video. Because of their short duration, you can easily fit them into your schedule and complete the course in a few days. It also includes a completion certificate and 11 digital resources accessible indefinitely!

Data Engineer with Python by data camp

This course has a total duration of 73 hours. Do you enjoy working with Python? This course is for you! You will learn a lot in this course while constantly increasing your Python skills. The program consists of 21 lectures, each of which is a couple of hours long and taught by a different instructor; so, if you don’t like a teacher, you just have to put up for a brief period until the consecutive lecture.

The teaching approaches mainly focus on making your programming languages stronger than before so that you have a slew of abilities and tools at your disposal that will help you navigate your way effortlessly even after the course has concluded. These languages include Shell, SQL, and Scala, typically used for developing pipelines and databases. If you already know the basics of Python and SQL, this course is an excellent location to study their advanced levels!

Data engineering with AWS machine learning

This data engineer full course is around 2 hours and 54 minutes in its duration. Do you want to learn the art of data engineering in just a few hours? Your quest is over! This advanced-level lecture focuses on AWS machine learning and briefly examines all data storage stages.

Because of its short duration, this course is ideal for people juggling multiple jobs or other commitments because it only takes a few hours, and you’re ready! You’ll have sufficient knowledge to advance as a data engineer. This data engineering professional certificate has around 12 videos of 15-30 minutes and covers principle data transformation at the end.

Certificate Program in Data Engineering By Hero Vired

This course digs deeper into the massive sphere of data science and serves supreme assistance to learn efficient data systems. These systems are capable of transforming and loading data into highly beneficial pieces of information for improved business analysis.

In this data engineering full course, students are assured of having a firm grip over the industry-acclaimed technology stack and be totally at ease with various business-related problems. It also helps you to turn real-time batch data into relevant architectures for efficient data modeling.

Professional Certificate in Data engineering

This course will last one year and two months, with an anticipated 3-4 hours per week. This expert-level curriculum has roughly 12 courses, and as the name suggests, it takes things to the next level and prepares you for the professional world. The curriculum is developed to take users from the fundamentals to becoming a master in the subject.

Because the program is self-paced, you can pursue a full-fledged professional certification without giving up your current responsibilities. This data engineering full course will provide you with practical information and experience that will help you acquire a job and regularly enhance your portfolio. The best part is that you don’t need any prior expertise for this course, which means it could be just what you need to become an ambitious data engineer.

Data structures and algorithm nano degree bye Udacity

This data engineer full course lasts four months at a pace of 10 hours per week. It is a nano degree program, which means you can pursue a skill-based educational program and as a credential proving your expertise. It includes more than 80 practice problems to help you better comprehend data structures and algorithms while also honing your skills.

This course will educate you about data structures and algorithms, as well as how to deal with difficulties that arise from them. These two topics are essential components of any fruitful data engineering career; thus, taking this course will give you a thorough understanding of the industry.

You will have the knowledge and skills to analyze and appraise diverse data structures and algorithms for any open-ended challenge and develop practical solutions after completing the course.

Wrapping up

Learning data engineering is an excellent method to be secured in the future. The above-mentioned are some of the top ways you can get a data engineering professional certificate and upskill your career with ease. Hero Vired being a popular brand provides you with a data engineering full course to help you enhance your skills efficiently.

Visit their website, get in touch with their professionals, and easily get your perfect data engineering professional certificate.

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