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If you compare the younger and older generations, you will realize that they have a lot of differences ranging from culture and beliefs to values and lifestyles. The former is so eager to become independent that at an early age they are now planning to buy their first apartment and move out while the latter are afraid to take risks and prefer to stay in their comfort zones. If you are part of the younger generation, you are probably moving into your first apartment using the money you saved throughout the years. However, you were not able to anticipate how hard the process would be starting from moving your stuff to decorating your new place. If you are having a hard time decorating your new place, we have listed the home essentials below that you can use as a checklist.

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1.  Armchairs


The first few pieces of furniture you have to purchase for your apartment are armchairs. There is an exclusive range of armchairs that you can find in any physical and online store. When picking out the perfect armchairs, you have to consider several things to avoid regretting your purchase decision. The first thing you have to do before you head to the nearest store or visit any online store is to measure the available space. Of course, you want to avoid purchasing armchairs that would make the space look and feel cramped. You may also want to measure the doorway and hallway to determine if the armchairs you are about to buy can easily fit into the openings. The next thing you have to think through is the fabric of your armchairs. If you want armchairs that you can clean effortlessly, go for cotton velvet. For the color of your armchairs, the most recommended options are burnt orange, black, and mustard yellow.

2.  Throw pillows

 Throw pillows

If you aim to add personal style and character to your apartment, it is best to purchase throw pillows. Aside from that, they also serve as back support which allows you to maintain a great posture. One of the biggest advantages of throw pillows is that it gives you the freedom to switch from one cover to another every season. With the wide range of options, you might find it hard to choose the right pieces for your space. The most important consideration when buying your first throw pillows is the color. You should choose to throw pillows with shades that are different from the sofa you will place them on. If you aim to experience real and ultimate comfort when sitting in your armchairs, the best decision is to buy oversized throw pillows. Lastly, decide if you prefer the pieces with fringe, tassels, pom poms, or buttons.

3.  Table lamps

Table lamps

Table lamps are functional decorative items as they guide you once the sun starts to set.  The best thing about having it is that it does not exude too much light that is distracting to the eyes. There are many kinds of table lamps that you can choose from and each of them has a different look to suit every style and preference. If you want something that would prevent you from being tripped at night, then get a nightstand. You should place it in your bedroom because it is usually the last light that you would turn off before you sleep. On the other hand, you may purchase table lamps if you need ample light when finishing your heavy workload. It also adds a touch of elegance and class to space.

4.  Area rugs

Area rugs can make or break the space so you have to purchase the right one for your space. The most trendy area rugs today are runner rugs because they soften the feel of the floor and at the same time they add a little bit of warmth in any boring space. When it comes to size, make sure to purchase large enough for the furniture like chairs and tables to fit in. You must also take into consideration the color, materials, and patterns.

In Conclusion

When it is your first time living in a place all by yourself, you want it to look decent and organized. Whenever your parents come over,  they can tell that they made the right choice of letting you move out. Buy the decorations listed above so you can make your apartment aesthetically pleasing without compromising your safety and comfort.

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