Antigen test or Antibody test. Which One to Choose?

Once you cross the threshold of a COVID-19 testing lab with a firm intention to get tested, you have a difficult decision to make. PCR or RT-PCT testing is completely understandable, and the scope of their usage is a no-brainer. But covid rapid antibody test and rapid antigen test are of another breed. 

Let’s find out the difference between them and give a good deal of thought to some additional info. 

Antigen vs Antibody Testing: What’s the Difference?

Both types of testing imply taking some biological material or specimens to conduct simplified testing in a laboratory, or in-home environment, if necessary. Both can be done as fast as within 15-30 minutes or so. 

They even actually do not require the involvement of a certified nursing provider, as anyone can get a covid-19 rapid antibody test or antigen test kit and test themselves. 

  • Antigen rapid test. It’s a diagnostic test. It implies taking a swab from the mucus membranes. The swab is analyzed to determine if the patient is currently sick for COVID-19. The test is much similar to PCR but of lower sensitivity. 
  • Antibody rapid test. It’s a serological test. It implies taking a blood sample that is further analyzed to determine if a patient has antibodies to COVID-19, i.e., was sick for the virus some time ago.

So, it’s simple, you need antigen test to ensure that you’re not sick, and antibody test to prove that you were sick. 

Main Benefits of an Antibody Rapid Test

Well, it’s not like any of the detailed below are not partially or fully applicable to antigen tests. But for now, let’s focus on the advantages specifically rapid antibody test has:

  • Is comparatively accurate and reliable. 
  • Is fairly simple in usage.
  • Has an affordable cost.
  • Can be offered in nearly any CLIA-certified laboratory. 
  • Can be conducted within 15-30 minutes only.

In a broad sense, rapid antibody testing is not that different from other forms of testing. The main aspect to consider is the scope of application of that testing. 

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Rapid Test Antibody Service for Companies

Rapid test antibody kits can easily be purchased in bulk. This feature makes them suitable for companies having thousands of employees. Should one get sick for COVID-19, soon more of them experience similar symptoms. Covid rapid antibody test is the way to ensure if a worker has been sick for the coronavirus indeed.

This info is of high value for both healthcare providers and managers of companies. The latter may make a strategic decision depending on the result of antibody testing. For one, whether to leave a worker in a remote position for some time, or let it to a regular workplace. 

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