The Different Sounds That Can Help Calm You Down

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Stressed? Anxious? There are many people nowadays who experience negative feelings because of various issues and problems that they encounter on a daily basis. Whether it’s about work or personal life, negative emotions can greatly affect one’s physical and mental well-being.

To help calm you down when faced with anxiety or stress, there are several sounds that may help soothe your mind and body to relax. Here are a few examples, and an explanation of why they can calm you down when you’re struggling with negative emotions.

The Crackle of a Fireplace

Perhaps the most common sound people tend to think of when they want to get calm is that of a crackling fireplace. Indeed, even if it’s just the thought of sitting in front of a fireplace and listening to it crackle, this can be an effective way to ease tension and anxiety.

Why It Works: This has to do with human psychology and evolution. For example, one theory is that since we usually feel safe and relaxed when we’re near or around a fire (like how your great-great-grandparents were), we feel like we’re in no danger even if we’re simply imagining this sight and sound. Another possible reason is that our blood pressure automatically lowers while we listen to this type of noise because it brings back memories of safety and security.

If you have a fireplace at home, you’re lucky to be able to sit down and hear the comforting crackle. However, those who don’t have the luxury of a real fireplace can still invest in electric fireplace with realistic inserts. There are also units that crackle.

If all else fails, you can always play a video of a crackling fireplace on your television screen.

The Sound of Waves Crashing on the Shore

Similar to the sound of a crackling fireplace, many people enjoy the relaxing feeling that they get while listening to waves crashing at the shore. This is why beach resorts offer seaside rooms for their clients that contain this type of noise to help them sleep better at night.

Why It Works: The rhythmic pattern of waves has been known to create positive emotions in human beings because this sound automatically makes us feel relaxed, almost like we’re floating away from our daily problems or stressors. This can be directly attributed to meditative practices where practitioners would chant “ohm” while imagining themselves being hit by waves during high tide.

There are audios and playlists on Spotify and YouTube that simulate the feeling of sitting on a beach somewhere.

The Sound of Water Rushing Down a Stream or River

Another relaxing sound that can be very beneficial to people who want to enjoy their alone time and clear their minds is the sound of water. While there are various ways to mimic this noise, you can always buy a white noise machine that plays a recording of a waterfall because its effect is scientifically proven as one way to relax your mind and body.

Why It Works: The sound of running water produces alpha waves in your brain because it works like other methods that naturally cause relaxation such as meditation, using aromatherapy oils at home, or taking long baths. If you don’t have access to these things at home, one way to feel comforted by the sound of running water is by listening to recordings from YouTube or Spotify.

The Sound of a Flute or Violin

Usually, it’s the slower ones like piano, harp, guitar, and flute. People who play these instruments also agree that slow melodies tend to get rid of any anxiety they’re feeling. This is why most soothing music is played slowly.

Why It Works: The sound of a melody produced by violin or flute feels smooth and comforting because we feel similar feelings when we hear someone speak in a soft tone. Slow-tempo music has been scientifically proven to help people overcome challenges and improve their physical and mental well-being thanks to the frequencies and vibrations (usually around 4 beats per second) that are being produced when the sound travels through the air.

You can listen to flute or violin music played by maestros.

The Singing of Birds

Many people consider it a sign of good luck to hear birds chirping at dawn because it means that their ancestors are watching over them.

Why It Works: It has been scientifically proven that the sound of birds can calm people down because this type of noise puts them into a trance and forces their minds to stay in the present.

Open your windows and let the birds sing you a lullaby.

What is the sound that helps you relax? Whatever your preference may be, there are many sounds that can help calm down an individual who feels anxious and wants to clear their mind. The most important factor in finding what will work for you is to experiment with various types until you find one that resonates deep within your soul.

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