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Dealing with migraine at home is much easier than it becomes in the office. You can crawl to your bed and lie down for the rest of the day at home. But at the office, a migraine patient has to deal with the pain and work simultaneously.

As migraine can occur multiple times and anytime in a month, you can’t expect to go on leave from work. In that case, applying some coping methods can help you work with migraines. Finding an empty room to relax and taking breaks between working hours are some of the best ways to deal with migraine attacks at work.

Let’s look at the rest of the article to find more accessible and easy ways to adapt and eliminate the intense pain migraine causes at work.

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Tips To Deal With Migraines At Work

Tips To Deal With Migraines At Work

Before dealing with the pain, the first thing you should know is the trigger reasons at work that causes migraine more often. Finding the triggers will help you avoid unwanted migraine visits using medications at work.

You can depend on many drug-free migraine pain relief like- Aculief. And if you’re wondering does aculief work or not, then we can assure you that thousands of reviews suggest aculief has a positive impact on migraine headaches.

But there’s not any way to get away from migraine. So we’ve gathered some effective ways to manage your migraine pain at work. So have a look at them:

Find an empty resting room

After having the first migraine attack symptoms, start looking for an empty spot or a calm environment. Lying down until your pain retreats will help you have less hassle with migraine. If your office has an empty room available, then-

  • Light- Turn off the light or switch to any dim light until you feel much better with the pain.
  • Sound- Make sure the room is away from loud noises and calm enough to let you rest.
  • Sleep- If you’re allowed, take a nap for 40-60 minutes to rest the nerves. Sleep helps a lot with the pain. You can light some nerve relaxing candles or listen to calm music in the meanwhile.

Remember, sound and light is the worst trigger for migraine. Not only that, light and sound make the pain more painful to deal with.

Manage and Avoid Stress

Manage and Avoid Stress

Stress is known as the major reason behind triggering migraine pain. And a hectic day can just make it worse for you. Tons of work, meeting the deadlines, non-stop client meetings, and many more can put tons of stress and trigger the worst migraine episode you had in a while. You can unload the extra stress by taking some small steps like-

  • Dividing the projects and tasks into small parts. Rather than completing the entire project at a time, you can finish them step by step.
  • Take short walks, small breaks, and meditate in between works to not get stressed over workload.
  • Instead of overthinking any work-related problem, communicate and discuss with your superiors. Sharing your issues with colleagues can help you have both simple solutions and reduce loads.

Find and Control triggers

We’ve already mentioned that finding the triggers is a good start for you to cope with migraine at work. Knowing the triggers, especially the ones you face in your workplace more often, will help you control and avoid them. The significant triggers are-


Intense light or direct exposure to light can cause migraine in an instance. You should avoid turning on the monitor’s brightness or mobile brightness during work time.


If your office area is surrounded by noise, then ask your company for cubicles or doors to prevent the loud noise. You can consider wearing earplugs to avoid loud noise.


In the earlier section, we’ve mentioned certain effective measurements to avoid work stress. You can follow them to have stressless work hours by not triggering migraines.


Consuming less or more caffeine also causes uncertain migraine pain. However, doctors suggest drinking a minimum amount of coffee that suits your body to treat migraine.


It’s not unknown to a migraine patient how much heat. Extreme odor can affect the pain. Heat is considered a top reason for a migraine attack. Also, not to forget about the intense smell too. Get rid of heat and odor sources from the room you work in.

Eat Properly

 An empty stomach alongside stress will cause more trouble for you than anything else during long work hours. Taking proper meals in time is a must for every working person, but when it comes to migraine, you have to be careful about the food you’re choosing as your meal. Food such as

  • Sweet
  • Chocolate
  • Smoked fish
  • Cheese
  • Carbohydrate drinks
  • Fast food like pizza.

It Is not a good meal option if you’re suffering from a migraine. Along with having a proper meal, it’s also essential to drink water to keep your body hydrated all the time.

Stock The Necessaries

Keeping all the necessary migraine medicines and relievers in the office is a must. You don’t know when and what can trigger your migraine, so it’s safe to keep all the prescribed medicine with you.

Keep snacks with you, so you don’t have to work with empty stomach for an extended period.

Inform Your Office

As a working person, it’s a must for you to inform your company about the health issues you’re suffering from. Before starting to work at the office, have a conversation about the problem, you suffer after having a migraine attack. And do not forget to provide all the necessary hospital documentation to the authority.

Ask for Balance and Adjustment

If working for a long hour hinders you, then ask the management to reschedule your work routine and adjust it with your comfort.

As an employee, you can ask for several adjustments, such as:

  1. Replacing harsh, blue light near your workplace with table lamps or covering the light with any filters.
  2. Covering the computer monitor screen with filters, so the light won’t cause eye/head pain leading to migraine.
  3. Ask for an air purifier to get rid of a solid or bad odor from the room.
  4. If you’re suffering from migraine more often, talk to your HR or the Boss to ask if home office is available for you.

Apart from these, you can ask for adjustments according to your comfort from your office authority.

Wrapping up

Having a migraine attack during work hours can affect your work and office time in a worse way. Taking proper measures and being prepared to deal with migraine is the only way to keep going with work.

Know your pre-migraine symptoms and what gives you the most comfort during pain. And all the given tips are to make your journey with migraine and work less painful. So we hope you can get help by using the information.

Feel free to share your thoughts on our article or any suggestion you think may be helpful for others in the comment box.

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