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What is digital marketing?

In recent years, the explosive spread of intelligent devices has dramatically changed the way companies approach digital marketing. Technology related to “digital marketing,” which has been developing from Europe and the United States, has spread in Japan. There are increasing opportunities to hear the word “digital marketing” through various media.

In the first place, digital marketing implements product and brand promotion measures through sites on the Internet and channels such as digital advertisements, emails, and mobile apps. By accumulating and utilizing customer reactions as data. We will further enhance our marketing operations and strengthen our “connection” (engagement) with our customers. By engaging in digital marketing, companies will be able to visualize their customers’ interests and depth of interest and implement appropriate promotional measures according to the situation.

On the other hand, as digital marketing begins to circulate. As a general term, many people may confuse it with the traditional “web marketing.” The differences explain below.

Differences between digital marketing and web marketing

The big difference between digital marketing and web marketing lies in the types and channels of data available. Web marketing is a program that concentrates largely on corporate websites. It aims to increase the satisfaction of people who are browsing the website and increase the inflow to the site by utilizing the access history of the Web. It is said, On the other hand, digital marketing is to improve the customer experience value on each channel. By utilizing the access history of the Web, apps provided on smartphones and tablet terminals, and data collected from IoT (Internet of Things). Is aimed at.

In addition, while web marketing observes the purchasing trends of users interested in their products and visits PC sites, mobile sites, and EC sites, digital marketing can grasp user trends before purchasing. Is possible. In digital marketing, you need to determine which data to use and maximize the effect carefully. Fujitsu, which has many customers’ core system integration achievements and know-how for many years, proposes optimal digital marketing that meets their data utilization needs. Learn more about line drawing.

Fujitsu’s Initiatives in Digital Marketing

To respond to the diversifying purchasing activities of customers. It is necessary to thoroughly personalize information according to individual customer preferences and purchasing trends. Data integration and analysis, selection of data to be used, and seamless cooperation with each channel is indispensable for that purpose. Fujitsu possesses advanced integration, analysis, and utilization technologies that seamlessly link SoR (System of Record) and SoE (System of Engagement) and builds and operates various data from storage to utilization. It is possible to. Fujitsu proposes optimal solutions for further strengthening engagement between companies and customers.

The key solution for digital marketing is “DMP integration service.”

Among the many digital marketing-related solutions provided by Fujitsu. The critical key is the “DMP integration service” that enables seamless cooperation between SoR and SoE. By integrating, analyzing, and utilizing various data collected for different marketing channels with our unique technology. We will execute more detailed promotion measures. In addition, by matching with anonymous data on a third party’s Internet or external data, attribute data such as hobbies and tastes can add to customer information to realize further sophistication.

The future of “digital marketing” that Fujitsu thinks

It believes that the introduction of digital marketing will become indispensable for companies to refine their marketing activities. Further to meet the diversifying needs of customers.

Fujitsu’s idea of “digital marketing” is to improve the customer experience value by utilizing data. Further, strengthen the engagement between companies and customers.

In addition to ICT, Fujitsu makes full use of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, device and sensing technologies, big data, and AI (artificial intelligence) to make full proposals that contribute to corporate sales.

Learn and learn about the latest cases and future possibilities. Digital marketing forum held!

Fusion of marketing strategy and digital technology to strengthen engagement with customers using data — Digital marketing event “FUJITSU Digital Marketing Forum 2016” full of advanced initiatives and examples by Fujitsu and partner companies Was held on November 4, 2016.