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Egypt always stands, eternal and invincible, as one of the most fantastic destinations on the planet. Cradle of civilizations and spring of the mysteries of antiquity, the lights of its beauty are an inexhaustible echo of a magic that never threatens end points. Living in Egypt, both its markets and its pyramids, is to drink directly from the nectar of the gods that the vestiges of humanity perspire throughout its historical flourish.

The mirrors that reflect our past

Often, and more often than is believed, the mysterious magic emanating from the strongholds of the past in our time can almost be breathed in a specific place. The vestiges of ancient civilizations that reached the temple of eternity are today, in addition to precious treasures of incalculable value, a precious introspective channel towards who we are. The tiny fragment of a mirror in whose reflection the vision of our nature and its constant change is broadened, far beyond the anecdotal plane of our history. And it is precisely on that line between fascination and the impossible where Luxury Egypt tours settle their meaning.

With this, and betting on the unique opportunity to enter one of the most relevant historical epicenters of our existence, a trip to Egypt is much more than the fascinating tourism that the exotic stimulates. It is a huge explosion of experiences through which to feel in the living Egyptian stone the texture of what is still living. From the religious evocation evoked by the earthy aromas of the marvelous temples of Luxor and the breathtaking Valley of the Kings, to the special magnificence of the pyramids of Cairo. Because Egypt is, above all, an inexhaustible source of truth and mystery charged with an admirable cathartic aspect.

However, it is frankly difficult to focus on a single element that lives in the very skin of the many that Egypt offers. Her essence has become an inimitable beauty whose power never wavers in awe or strength. Whether it is the bustling pulse of its street torrents, where you can access a culture that is alive and immersed in the present as if the atmosphere of its immemorial monuments and sanctuaries boils in the ocean of experiences that is manufactured in memory. Even a comfortable cruise across the Nile is already an irreducibly beautiful spectacle of scents. But despite the palpability of his soul, it is in its intangible stages where the true pleasure of living Egypt lives.

Pointing to the Sky: The Pyramids of Giza 

Egypt is a place of pharaonic architectures, redundancy be valid, that coexists with the moving museum of its busy streets with life, in whose markets, such as the popular and wonderfully ornate Khan El Khalili in Cairo, a natural attraction is fostered by the culture of the day to day. However, if it is worth mentioning an indispensable place of interest, the pyramids still keep today a lucid portal to the ancient magic of the human being. All the Information About The Pyramids of Egypt , counting approximately more than 100 , is subject to an unalterable mystery only attributable to the mythology of the Egyptian gods.

It is complex to describe the sensation of standing before such a marvel of primitive architecture, even more so to calculate the effort and how of the arrangement of the large stone blocks that triangulate its structure. Taking one of its most touristic examples, the three pyramids of Giza, belonging to the kings Khafre, Cheops and Menkaure, are among the most visited buildings of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Erected as a tomb in honor of a god, its interior also housed different rituals in honor of birth and death. In addition to serving as a point of attraction for cosmic energy in order to contain and preserve what is stored inside.

Going deeper, the pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest of the set, 66 meters high and the only one of the three pyramids where mummies were found, as well as a basalt sarcophagus. On the other hand, the pyramid of Khafre is the second largest in Egypt, still preserving part of its cladding and a red granite sarcophagus. Finally, the renowned pyramid of Cheops, with a height of 140 meters and a base of 230 meters and the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, although without traces found inside, maintains an incredible essence of greatness. Even more so when the pyramidal trio lights up at dusk with an almost miraculous appearance.  

An undefeated paradise of purity, mystery and unsurpassed magic

Despite the aforementioned pyramids, Egypt keeps even more historical treasures scattered throughout its territory. As for temples, Abu Simbel, in Nubia, is a sacred place carved in rock in commemoration of a military victory and whose visual force refers to the spectacular nature of ancient Egyptian architecture. In another stage, encompassing the funerary structures of ancient Egypt, the aforementioned Valley of the Kings, where most of the pharaohs with more than 60 tombs have been deposited, are spaces excavated in the limestone slopes of a valley and that contributes a strange sense of helplessness and connection to the sacred.

Even with even more temples of unparalleled beauty, such as the overwhelming symmetry of Kom Ombo, the decorations commemorating the battles of the Pharaoh of the Temple of Horus by the Nile or the imposing hieroglyphic columns of Karnak, Egypt always offers more. It is enough with the union of its sacred membrane and the chaotic core of Cairo, with places of interest such as Tahrir Square and the treasure of Tutankhamun that resides in the Egyptian Museum, to understand the hypnotic and magnetic contrast of Egypt. A historical and lively paradise where you can exploit all that your subconscious, memory and the gaze of magic and beauty can drink. You can book luxury Egypt Nile cruises with Luxor and Aswan Travel.

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