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The architecture features heavily in all our lives, although many of us may not realize it. Buildings and structures that make up our cities, towns, and even the homes we live in have all been designed in a way to suit us, with a lot of inspiration coming from societies throughout history. Whether you’re using architects Guildford to build a new home from scratch or architects to develop skyscrapers in a modern city, there are factors you’ll need to consider before going ahead – one of the most notable being cultural sensitivities surrounding the initial design. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most recognizable architecture featured in cultures around the world, as well as why it’s important to keep sensitivities in mind before designing buildings.

History of cultural architecture

Throughout history, travel to other countries was not possible, which is why each civilization developed its own style. It’s only recently that many of us have started to recognize and identify a country with the way that the architecture looks. The architecture in countries around the world often features some of the most stunning sights and tourist attractions that we visit. The styles of architecture can vary massively depending on the country that you’re visiting, because of influences and differences in the culture and history of these areas. Here are a few counties that have their own style when it comes to designing buildings in architectural design, and how you can identify them.

  • Greece: You will most likely be familiar with the way Greek architecture looks – it features columns and pillars that stand tall and imposing, with the most intricate designs and scrolls to the top and bottom, which focuses heavily on symmetry and balance. These elements are particularly common in Greek temples that have been built for their Gods. 
  • China: Another building design that is familiar and easy to identify is the architecture present in the buildings in China. These buildings are often wooden, low-rise, and colorful, with highly symmetrical layouts. These designs are different from others around the world, but they hold their own against others.
  • Egypt: One of the most recognizable forms of architecture throughout history is the structures that were built in ancient Egypt. The Pyramids for example will not be found anywhere else in the world and are a truly stunning sight.
  • Italy: Even Italy has its own recognizable style – the classic look features arches and columns, domes, and other intricacies that make it stand out from the rest.

How they inspire modern designs

You may not realize it, but designs from countries and civilizations have shaped the way we know architecture today. There are various designs and practices that many architects will still use today. Whilst they may be more difficult to spot due to more modern designs making their way to the forefront, with skyscrapers and modern cities featuring contemporary designs, if you look hard enough, you will see various historical styles still making an appearance in buildings around the world. For example, even new buildings in Greece will be developed in the style of historical Greek buildings, with columns and shapes to reflect their history and culture.

Why is cultural sensitivity important?

When designing buildings, it’s always important for architects to ensure that they keep a sense of cultural sensitivity about them when thinking about the look of a building. For example, when designing buildings new structures, it’s important to design them in keeping with their surroundings, especially if they’re in a sacred or historical area. Similarly to this, it’s important that architects ensure that they don’t use features in modern buildings that may be sacred to a specific society, community, or religion.

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