Become A Giver: Eight Degrees That Enable You to Help Others

Last Updated on January 26, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

With time, the urge to help people is increasing. This is why careers that cater to serving humanity are becoming the choice of the majority of people. There are a variety of careers that focus on helping people. You can choose among healthcare or emergency services jobs, social worker or lawyer, or create benefits for the society in a profession such as science or engineering.

 Following is a list of the top eight degrees that enable us to help others.

Teaching and Education

Teaching as a profession gives you the benefit of helping individuals directly and witnessing the improvement as your students develop and grow. Teachers can also work with children that are mentally or physically challenged. You can work in NGOs, young offenders’ institutions, and hospitals. To adopt teaching as a profession, you require a specific degree in that field, but if you don’t have a degree, there are other options that you could consider, like working as a youth worker, child care, or being an assistant teacher.

Social Work

Social work as a profession is the best way to serve people in need. Social workers use their knowledge of sociology and healthcare to counsel local communities. They can help people with mental health problems and adults struggling to live independently. They can also work with homeless children and handle families where there are child protection concerns. They can manage foster children and help families in adoption processes. 

Degree in Social Work.

Social work also requires a degree. With a bachelor’s degree in social work, you can start to serve children, families, and adults, offering people important services, including mental health and counseling.  However, people often wonder:  is a degree in social work worth it or not? A bachelor’s degree in social work will prepare you for the difficulties you might face while working with people who need your assistance. It will help you advance in a career that is rewarding in every way. 


The medical profession is another significant option in the field of serving people. Becoming a doctor will give you the pleasure of enjoying the effect your work will have on the individuals. Another benefit of this profession is that it provides you with the opportunity of getting into the medical research program. By finding a cure for diseases, you can help many people who are suffering. You can work in a hospital, personal clinic, medical camp, and even in the armed forces with a medical degree. Choose from a wide range of options. 


Nursing is a very noble profession since you will be able to nurture and assist patients in various areas. There are many options to work in, such as hospital wards and providing home services to the people in need. With a specialization in a nursing degree, you can work as an adult nurse, children’s nurse, mental health nurse, or learning disabilities nurse. Nurses do need a degree that will give them multiple employment opportunities. 


There are many different types of psychology careers, which include helping people. Health psychologists include clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists who work with the mental health of people, and neuropsychologists deal with brain injuries. Other types of psychology involve educational psychology (which helps children who face difficulties in learning) and forensic psychology (which involves working with prisoners to improve their behavior).  To work as a psychologist, you will require a specific degree in psychology which will help you in learning new techniques and will open new employment opportunities for you.

Emergency services

There are many roles in which you can serve your community while going out and being physically active. You can also consider a career in emergency services by joining the police, ambulance services, fire services, or rescue services. Being an emergency service worker, you have to figure out ways to protect the public against terrorist attacks and severe weather conditions. There are different ways to enter the emergency service field; some require degrees, and others don’t. But it is better if you learn first and then serve in this field since you will be better equipped with the knowledge and will be able to serve people in a better way.

Charity Careers

Choosing charity as a career gives you direct access to interact with people who require help. Another option is choosing an office-based job and planning strategies for fundraising, marketing, campaigning, and trying to influence the government to lend money to help needy people. A charity career is both for graduates and non-graduates. However, the profession requires a lot of hard work and relevant voluntary work to gain experience before entering the field. 


Not all jobs in the law-and-order sector involve helping people, but few do aim to serve. You can choose a career as a criminal defense lawyer, representing those innocent individuals accused of crimes. You can also opt for a career in child protection law; you can help children and protect them from child abuse. There are two important types of lawyers: barristers (who fight for clients in court) and solicitors (who manage office work). For doing any of the jobs, you will require a law degree. There are also other support roles in this field that do not require a degree. It is better to take a degree before you enter this field to know how to deal with problems when the need arises. 


The first basic step you take in your educational journey is the urge to make an impact in this world and help others in need. The second step is to think about what difference you want to make and how you will succeed in it. The third step is to know what type of role you are interested in, whether you want to work as front liners for your community, protect the safety of people or ensure their public health. Whatever you choose, make sure you acquire the relevant qualifications to excel in serving humanity. 

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