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Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

A successful eLearning course is more than just a compilation of information. Courses with lengthy, chaotic content can demotivate the learners while courses with no objectives and instructions can make the learning process lengthier.

So, to design good and effective courses, the best content development companies recommend adding certain elements to the course. So to make your eLearning a success, make sure that the eLearning course that you are providing to your learners has these essential elements.

Here are some of the elements that make a great eLearning course;

More visual elements

Visual elements are a very good tool for quick learning and knowledge retention. Bulky paragraphs of only text can get boring and the learners might start feeling disengaged. Thus, make sure that your eLearning course has visual elements like charts, graphs, photos, videos, illustrations, and diagrams so that the content material is engaging enough for the learners.

Also, make sure that the course is aesthetically pleasing. No matter how good the content is, it cannot be effective without a good presentation that can interest the learners for learning. Make sure your text aligns with the visual elements and see if the fonts are easy to read. But be cautious to not overdo it all and make things cluttered.

Positive tone

Because of the disengaging, monotonous methods of training that were used earlier, there is a lot of negative connotation attached to training. Most people perceive it as time-taking, boring, difficult, or even useless. Thus, it is important to make sure that your eLearning courses have a positive tone to them. Make sure your material has language that motivates the learners to learn while making them realize the importance of learning themselves. It will help your learners be enthusiastic which will lead to a successful learning experience.


Trying to learn something new only through reading the training material can become monotonous and even confusing after some time. Thus, the learners prefer it when the course is interactive. Interactive elements in a course make the learners think deeply about the concepts and it challenges them so that they can grow more.

Allow your learners to exercise the concepts they are learning by incorporating interactive elements into your course. For example, you can give them hypothetical scenarios to test their knowledge and their capability to apply what they have learned.

Focused Content

When it comes to training, there is a lot to learn. However, if you bombard your learners with everything at once, they will surely get overwhelmed as the training course starts to feel chaotic and directionless. So, it is important to decide what the learners need to learn at the moment and prioritize the topics related to it. After you have set your priorities, make sure you provide simple and focused content that the learners can access to learn about a particular thing at a time.

Clearly defined learning objectives

Things can get chaotic when the learners don’t have a sense of direction. This can be more prominent when your learners are provided with self-paced learning and there is no instructor to lead the learning process. So it is important to provide them with clearly defined learning objects so that they can keep track of their learning and get the best out of the course by achieving these objectives one at a time in a more directed and organized way.


Sometimes, the courses are so complicated that it becomes difficult for the learners to navigate through them. So, they take time to figure things out and the learning process becomes more time-consuming than it actually should be. To help your learners avoid such wastage of time and effort, make sure your course includes instructions. These instructions can help the learners navigate and thus learn as quickly as possible.


A good eLearning course doesn’t just inform learners about certain topics but also inspires and motivates them to understand the importance of learning and thus, learn enthusiastically. The elements mentioned above effectively help learners learn quickly and retain the information for a long time. It also enables them to implement what they are learned in real-life scenarios when necessary.

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