Michael Fassbender

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Michael Fassbender was born on April 2, 1977 in the German city of Heidelberg. Father – Joseph, German by birth. Mother – Adele, Irish. The older sister, Katerina(Asmongold Girlfriend), is a neuropsychologist at the University of California.

In 1979, two years after Michael’s birth, the family moved to the Irish city of Killarney, where Joseph Fassbender opened the West End House and became a chef there.

After school, the future artist went through a lot of work, but the longest he stayed in the position of a handyman in his parents’ restaurant. Michael also unloaded crates from food trucks, stocked frozen food in the refrigerated basement, and fed guard dogs.

At the age of nineteen, the future actor entered the London Drama Center (Drama Center London), and began touring with the Oxford stage troupe, which played the play “Three Sisters” by A. P. Chekhov. At the same time, Michael worked part-time as a waiter, a porter at a hotel, a ticket clerk at a cinema, a night watchman at a strip club.

Michael Fassbender: “I have a lot of good memories with Russian classics. I remember how when I was still in acting school I got the role in Chekhov’s Three Sisters. Stanislavsky played a huge role in my development as an actor, so I would gladly play one of the heroes of Russian classics. “
The quote is taken from the site “Log Horizon season 3

In 2001, Fassbender made his film debut playing Sergeant Burton “Pat” Christenson in the American WWII miniseries Brothers in Arms, which was produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

Over the next several years, the actor played small roles in films, television and theatrical productions, including: Brothers in Arms (2001), Hearts and Bones (2001), NCS Manhunt (2002), Holby City (2002 ), Karla (2003), The Witch (2004-2005), The Conspiracy Against the Crown (2004), BBC: The Most Mysterious Murders (2004), Winnie the Bear (2004), Sherlock Holmes and the Silk Stocking Case (2004), Murphy’s Law (2005), Our Hidden Lives (2005), William and Mary (2005), Agatha Christie Poirot (2006), Trial and Retribution : Sins of the Father “(2006) and others.

In 2007, Michael played a young warrior in the blockbuster directed by Zach Snyder’s “300 Spartans”. This picture became commercially successful and was very well received by the audience.

Fassbender gained immense popularity in 2009 after the role of Lieutenant Lieutenant Archie Hickox in the film Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino.

Particularly notable works of Michael were his roles in the films: “Hunger” (2008), (2009), “X-Men: First Class” (2010), “A Dangerous Method” (2011), “Shame” (2011), “Prometheus” (2012), 12 Years a Slave (2013) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Michael Fassbender: “I try to try myself in different genres, an actor cannot dwell on one thing, you need to constantly set yourself new tasks, get out of the so-called comfort zone. I wanted to star in a film that would take the viewer to a fantastic world, make them take a break from everyday life for a few hours. “
The quote is taken from the site “Black Bullet Season 2

In 2011, Fassbender met with the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz, 25-year-old Zoya. Together they starred in the film “X-Men: First Class”. But Zoe Kravitz chose Penna Badgley over him.

In June 2012, Zoe was replaced by 29-year-old actress Nicole Beharie, but in January of the following year, the girl wrote on her Twitter page about breaking up with the actor.

Michael Fassbender played many diverse roles that the viewer loved in such films as: “Angel” (2007), “Married Beauties” (2007), “Paradise Lake” (2008), “Devil’s Lover: Gone by Passion” (2008), ” Man on a Motorcycle “(2009),” Bloody Creek “(2009),” Aquarium “(2009),” Centurion “(2010),” Jonah Hex “(2010),” Jane Eyre “(2011), darkness ”(2012),“ Knockout ”(2012),“ Counselor ”(2013),“ Frank ”(2014), etc.

In the winter of 2014, foreign media reported that actor Michael Fassbender was dating Italian fashion model Madalina Genea (Madalina Ghenea), whom he met in 2013 at a party at the Toronto Film Festival.

Michael Fassbender: “Madalina is a very sane friend. She gets everything she needs from me, and she doesn’t demand too much. This is the absolute value of my life – the only woman whom I have nothing to reproach for ”.

Premieres of such films with the participation of Michael Fassbender are scheduled for 2015 as: “Assassin’s Creed”, “Macbeth,” Slow West “and” Out of the Law “, and in 2016 The blockbusters “Prometheus 2” and “X-Men: Apocalypse” will be released this year.


▪ British Independent Film Awards Best Actor for Hunger (2008)
▪ Best Actor Award at Stockholm IFF for Hunger (2008)
▪ London Film Critics Circle Award / London Critics Circle Film Awards for British Actor of the Year for Hunger (2009)
▪ London Critics Circle Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor of the Year for Aquarium (2010)
▪ Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble for Inglourious Basterds (2010)
▪ British Independent Film Awards for Best Actor for Shame (2011)
▪ London Critics Circle Film Awards for British Actor of the Year for Shame and A Dangerous Method (2012)
▪ Capri Award for Best Supporting Actor for 12 Years of Slavery (2013)
▪ Empire Awards for Best Supporting Actor for 12 Years of Slavery (2014)
▪ Special Empire Hero Award (2012)
▪ Iowa Film Critics Awards “Best Supporting Actor” for the film “Best Smoke Spots Dust 2” (2014)

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Zoe Kravitz, actress
Nicole Beharie, actress
Madalina Ghenea, actress and model

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