How to Increase Your Purity in Religion

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Sometimes, you feel disappointed and find no way out of your problems in life. You think that all these circumstances are happening due to getting distant from religion. Surely, the farther you go from Allah’s ways, the sadder you feel. But, in this blog, you will find an easy way towards boosting your spirituality and increasing your purity in religion.

Do you want to know that how you get farther from Allah SWT? The reason for distracting from religion is spending more time in unnecessary activities like internet searching, reading baseless novels, reading storybooks, etc. While engaging in these useless activities, you are gradually getting away from Allah SWT, and his Rasool SAW teachings. 

Due to these activities, sometimes we cannot open Quran to recite a few verses, and thus it causes us to remain sad and in anxiety. 

What should we then do? Is there any way to get out of anxiety? How can we increase our purity in religion? You can find all the answers to your questions after reading the following paragraphs carefully.

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Make good friends

Making good friends helps build your character and purify your soul. Your circle of friends directly impacts your personal and religious behavior. If pious people around you are in your friend zone, you will be more pious and spiritual. In contrast, if you spend most of your time with rude friends, they will make you like them. It is saying that a company a man keeps turn them accordingly. 

You can better understand the importance of making good friends by this example, that if you sit with those who distribute fragrance, your hands and clothes will also smell sweet. On the other hand, the bad friend is like a blacksmith; if you sit with them, your clothes will also get dirty, even if you are not forging the iron.

So, from the above example, we can summarize that if we make friends who are friends with Allah SWT, they would also make us friends with Allah. But, if we make such friends who do not turn to Allah, they would make us far from Allah. 

Gain knowledge 

True wisdom is the fear of Allah. It is the knowledge that lets us introduce to the Lord of lords. Without knowledge, you are like a barren land, without any purpose. So, if you want to increase purity in religion, you should gain more knowledge as you can. 

You can learn knowledge by reading the books of renowned pious scholars. Similarly, to quench your thirst for learning, you should also attend religious seminars in your locality. 

Serving the friends of Allah will lighten your heart with the glory of the love of Allah. We can do that by cooking for them, washing their clothes, dusting their rooms, etc. In this way, we can also be included in their special supplications. 

Spend time in the mosque

Where could you find a better place than a mosque? If you are depressed and have given away all the happiness of life and have no clear way toward the light, you should spend more hours in the mosque. While spending time in a mosque, you can easily recite the Holy Quran, offers prayers, and do Zikr Allah. Sitting in a mosque brings inner peace and tranquility. You can pray for yourself and the rest of Ummah who suffer from problems. Spending time in Allah’s house brings us closer to Allah, and thus ours and your spirituality boosts. 


Do not remain in the darkness of life. Get out today and watch the blessing of Allah around then you will feel happy. However, you should enroll yourself in an online Quran and Hadith course that languages tutor offers to get more spirituality. 

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