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The world is filled with animal lovers, including people who have a close bond with their pets and would spend any amount of money to care for them properly. You may have a similar love for animals, and if you’re considering pursuing a career in the industry, the good news is that there are a lot of things you could do.  

1. Medicine 

Going into vet medicine is a great option for people who are truly dedicated to helping animals and have the dedication and passion to prove it. If you decide to become a vet, you’ll have the tools and expertise to make a difference in the lives of thousands of animals, helping them get over diseases and other troubles, all while making a solid paycheck in your own right. The only catch is that you’ll have to undergo rigorous training and education to get to the goal you’re aiming for.  

2. Grooming Franchise Facilities  

Pets are often messy and have a lot of fur that needs grooming, especially certain breeds of dogs and cats, and their owners will pay a lot to have them groomed so they feel and look their best. If you’re searching for a career in the pet industry, you could even look into pet store franchises and use the advantage of a bigger business’s reputation, as well as the training and tools they provide to begin servicing your clients and animals while making good money from it.  

3. Toy Stores 

It’s a well-known fact that pets love toys, and their owners go through a lot of trouble to find them, whether it’s to play with them or to provide some kind of variety in their lives. If you want to enter the pet industry in a simpler way, you may be able to open a retail shop, selling these toys and items to customers who would pay a premium to ensure their pet’s happiness. 

4. Pet Sitting 

Managing pets is a crucial task that many pet owners need to take care of when they’re going on vacation. Pets are beloved by their owners, and they often need special consideration for any issues they may be diagnosed with, which is why any pet sitter who looks out for their pets in the short or long term will be able to make a premium for their efforts.  

5. Dog Walking 

Dogs are some of the most common pets you’ll find all across the world, and they have a lot of their own needs, whether it’s getting daily exercise or going for walks. That’s something many working professionals don’t have time for on a daily basis. Instead, as a dog walker, you may be able to receive decent compensation for fulfilling this role for them, ensuring their dogs are getting the exercise they need no matter what.  

6. Pet Training 

The pet training industry rewards expertise and experience, and if you’re looking for a great job to keep in the long run, this may be an incredible option for you. Pet owners will pay a lot for the best pet trainers, whether it’s for dogs, cats, birds, or anything in between, and if you’re able to learn the skillset required to thoroughly train any of these pets, you’ll get major rewards. 

7. Animal Sheltering 

There are many pets and animals out there that don’t have a home, and if you’re passionate about caring for them, you may be interested in joining a shelter or creating one of your own. While the pay may not be incredible, you’ll be able to make a difference in many animals’ lives and receive donations from sympathetic people for doing so. 

8. Research 

Researching animals has always been a major area of interest for countless scientists, and the field is getting more attention than ever. If you want to count yourself an expert in all things related to pets, going into animal research may be perfect, since you’ll be able to work on breakthroughs while earning a living.  


Before changing your career path, it’s integral that you know whether there are enough options for you wherever you end up. If you love caring for animals and are dedicated and passionate about helping them, then there are a lot of things you could end up doing to capitalize on that passion and earn a living while you’re doing what you love.  

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