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Since the CIVID-19 period, working from home has become the new normal. For a pet parent link, this is a great opportunity to spend most of the time with your little buddy. Besides doing your daily chores, you have to make your pet feel safe all the time. Learn how home-Plumbing tips help improve the well-being of your pet?

One such thing is designing a pet-proofing plumbing system in and around your home. By neglecting this responsibility, you can invite a lot of harm to your furry friend. Therefore, get insight into this guide to prepare for all home-plumbing needs. 

Close Down the Toilet Lids

There’s no doubt that toilet water is the most unhygienic place in your house. It is also difficult for your beloved companion since you use many chemical-based cleaners to keep it clean. If you keep the lids open, your pet might consider the toilet bowl the easiest water source to drink. 

It may sound funny to some people, but it can make your pet severely ill. Your pet may get sick from ingestion and face other serious health issues. Therefore, be responsible and keep the toilet lids closed after use. 

Keep Your Pet Away From Digging 

Installing an underground invisible dog fence helps your pet freely roam around the yard and keeps you relaxed about making an effective barrier. Every pet prefers chewing whatever remains surrounding them. They also stay encouraged in digging. Since the water and sewer lines are covered under the ground, your dog can accidentally reach the exposed pipe after a deep digging. 

If they start chewing the pipes, it will harm their health and make you face costly plumbing repairs. The thick layers of rust over the pipes can ill-treat your pup’s stomach, and you must immediately take him/her to the nearby vet. Considering the digging nature of your pets, stay conscious all the time and never let them unsupervised to ensure healthy living. 

Put Drain Stoppers to Use

You might find bathing your pet pretty tiresome. If you are not careful about your home-plumbing system, it can make your job worse. Bathing your pet in the shower can seem the most convenient, but it can choke off the drain with hair and dirt getting out of the pet’s skin. Here comes the usage of drain stoppers! 

Moreover, if you can’t maintain the water temperature as required, your pet will not enjoy the grooming session. To prevent this issue, emphasize the installation of pressure-balanced valves at your sinks and showers. 

Get Rid of Flushing Pet Litter

If you are habituated to flushing down the litter into the toilet bowl, you are doing wrong! By dumping the waste, you make the plumbing system gets blocked. You will be surprised to know that after absorbing moisture, the pet litter expands up to 10x of its primary volume. 

Therefore, avoid putting this garbage into the commode to protect your plumbing system from getting choked. Various parasites in pet waste contaminate your home’s water distribution channel and squander lots of money. Throw the dirty waste in the trash bin and ensure the better health of your pet. 

Stay Acknowledged About the Valuable Plumbing Advice

Following these quality tips will not only help your plumbing system stay intact but also maintain the improved well-being of your pet. Always stay connected with a professional plumbing company to ensure an uninterrupted water supply system and improve living quality. 

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