Features, Options, and Benefits of Sneeze Guards for Office Application

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Sneeze guards were only used in food serving settings previously, but now it has become a mandate at all office and business settings where face-to-face interaction with people is necessary. You can see sneeze guards now being implemented at banks, institutions, hospitals, offices, stores, and other places where people interact. This is the impact of COVID-19, a troublesome pandemic that spreads through droplets while humans cough or sneeze.

As this is a new requirement for many offices while the staff return to work after covid, it is very confusing for the administrators to implement the most appropriate model of sneeze guard for their purpose. Sneeze guards are made of various materials like acrylic, glass, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, etc. There are various types of sneeze guard applications as table-mounted, glass coverings over desks, counter-top sneeze guards, etc. Further, we will discuss some of the sneeze guard options, which you can consider regarding their features and benefits in your office applications.

Sneeze guard features and options

Pass-through windows

For the reception desks and counters, it is important to have a pass-through window. Usually, at the bottom of the sneeze guard, there is an opening that will make the transactions possible. However, it has to be made only of adequate size to ensure that the purpose of protection is fully served.

Full body panels

For service desks and other such standing spaces for customer-facing, there is a need for a full-body sneeze guard, which has to be made partially or fully transparent. These also needed to be set up at the actual height of a full-grown human.

Quick touch feet guards

These guards are designed in a triangular shape, which may have a slit down its middle. This may slip onto a solid acrylic sheet to setup the shield upright. These are usually made of acrylic, but some are also made of wood and other materials based on their utility and specifications.

Metal or aluminum frames

To ensure more life to the thinner sheets being used as sneeze guards, you can try the usage of metal or aluminum frames. These will also help to enhance the overall appeal and aesthetic of your sneeze guards. Metal framing can also be done at the edges of the sneeze guard to give it a proper shape and form.

Wrap around sneeze guard design

To ensure overall protection, sneeze guards with a wrap-around design can be considered. It will ensure your security at all angles. The standalone reception areas and trade counters etc., may benefit from using a wraparound sneeze guard design.

Small size sneeze guards

You can easily find standalone tabletop dividers; which may suit well to the reception desks, break room tables, conference tables, etc. We can set them up to add an extra barrier without limiting visibility.

Desktops sneeze guards –

These are detachable privacy panels that can be clipped onto the desks with brackets. You can easily install it on to the cubicles by ensuring proper visibility and optimum protection.

First, do a thorough evaluation of your requirement and your space restrictions to plan your sneeze guard structure and choose the appropriate design and materials to set it up well.

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