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High mix  low volume PCB assembly is a complex process-refer to this website. The circuit board is made up of several layers and contains many components. It goes through several stages during production. An alphanumeric code is produced to maintain track of all the parts and provide pertinent information about the manufacturing process. This code is known as the serial number of the board.

The serial number is printed on the top or bottom of the PCB, using an adhesive ink resistant to solvents. In other cases, a sticker with the serial number and manufacturer’s label is pasted on the PCB. Bar codes are being used commonly for serial number identification.

Finding serial number

The manufacturer usually provides an instruction manual along with the printed circuit boards. So, it gets easier to find the serial number. The instruction manual clearly states the location of the serial number.

In certain PCBs, the serial number is handwritten, while others have it printed. There are two sets of numbers in many circuit boards. The first set identifies an individual part of the board. The other set of numbers represents the board with all the components. Very close to these numbers, an alphanumeric combination will be present, which will be the serial number of the PCB.

‘SN’ or ‘S/N’ are labels that may be used to represent the serial number. It aids in the differentiation of the serial number and the part number.

A serial data communication program is needed to look for the information represented by the serial number. It is utilized in professional repair facilities. It gives complete information regarding the circuit board and any changes made. The modification status and current status of the PCB are also displayed with the help of this program.

The usage of small fonts for printing serial numbers necessitates the use of a magnifier. It is possible that the ink has smudged or a couple of numbers have vanished. As a result, a careful examination should take place to avoid errors.

Importance of Serial number:

The PCB design and manufacturing process might take months or even years. The circuit board is composed of a variety of components, as well as printing and assembly. The serial number aids in providing users with information about each part. In case of any defect or need for repair, a simple combination of different words and numbers helps provide all the information. The serial number can identify changes made during the board’s manufacturing process.

Lot codes and production numbers are sometimes included, with serial numbers. It aids in determining whether the fault affects simply one board or several. 

It is necessary to have traceable data markings on the board. If the manufacturer is unknown, the tracking provided by this serial number can assist in locating them. It eventually leads to getting expert help. Furthermore, it benefits the maker because serial numbers can help prevent counterfeiting.

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Every PCB requires data markings on the board, including serial numbers. The serial number must always be printed on the boards by the manufacturer. It should be stamped on the board using the proper method and ink that does not fade or smudge over time. The serial numbers help with component identification and recognition and provide information about the PCB.

 This information helps in the repair or the replacement of some parts of the board. It also aids in inspecting the present status of the board. Thus, with numerous advantages of the serial number, it is necessary to identify the serial numbers and differentiate them from other numbers such as part numbers, lot numbers, etc. 

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