Five Reasons You Must Visit Melbourne: Places to See and Bonus Tips

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Australia is extremely unique. It is the world’s smallest continent, but one of the biggest countries. The commonwealth of Australia is made up of the mainland, of course, as well as several smaller islands off the coast, including Tasmania. Australia is known for its vast and exotic wildlife, its integration with nature, and of course its land full of adventures. The small continent is home to around 25,800,000 people and has a wide array of attractions for tourists and visitors. 

If you want to go somewhere a little different for your next vacation, perhaps Australia is the way to go. With access to the ocean, and plenty of nature to explore and enjoy, Australia is an adventurer’s treasure-trove. Don’t be fooled though, it isn’t all kangaroos and boulder-sized spiders, popular cities like Melbourne offer the comforts and conveniences we’re used to. Planning a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before can be difficult though, think about adding these Australian staples to your itinerary to get started.

Royal Botanic Gardens

These gardens are a picturesque getaway in the middle of Australia’s central business district. These gardens were founded in 1816. With that long-standing history, it’s no wonder they’ve been able to curate a collection of over 27,000 plants on their 30 hectares of land. The garden is wildly popular among locals and tourists alike, attracting over 5 million visits per year. This mark makes the gardens one of the top ten most visited places in Australia year after year. 

If you’re going to be spending a little time in Australia, the royal botanic gardens are a must-visit. The expansive bouquet of colors and diverse flora on display are almost otherworldly, and makes these gardens feel like one of the most beautiful sites on the planet. 

The gardens aren’t all about looking and observing though, there are a myriad of events put on by the gardens and the founding organization each week. From guided tours, to therapy walks, and even painting sessions, the gardens offer a wide array of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria market is a must-see for anyone who’s going to be spending a night or two in Sydney. This historic marketplace is the only surviving 19th century marketplace in the central business district of Sydney. In fact, it was 1878 when this marketplace was first officially opened. This 140+ years of operation alone gives the marketplace an atmosphere of historic relevance that demands respect. Not only that, but the hustling and bustling marketplace is alive with an energy that seems to spark through the air. 

The long standing history of the Queen Victoria Market doesn’t inhibit them from making progress and joining in on modern initiatives, though. This marketplace prides itself on the several sustainability initiatives they’ve implemented in order to promote a greener and cleaner market. 

One such sustainability driven initiative was the market-wide ban of single use bags and straws. Not only that, but the market utilizes worm-farms in order to convert food-waste into nutrient rich soil which feeds and sustains the various potted plants around the market. 

The Queen Vic market, as it’s lovingly called by locals, really is a place unlike any other.

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Shrine of Remembrance

The shrine of remembrance is one of the most powerful and historic landmarks in Melbourne. If you’re a history-buff, or just interested in the local culture, a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance is a must-have on your itinerary.

The shrine was initially constructed as a monument and memorial to the men and women who fought and were lost in World War II. However, its function expanded, and now serves as a monument to all Australian men and women who have fought in any war. 

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Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne zoo is a great place to add onto your itinerary, especially if you’re traveling with children. This zoo has some of the neatest and unique animals on exhibit. They also put on a pretty impressive selection of events and activities that are mostly family-friendly.

The Melbourne Zoo is a wonderful place to get to see some of the native animals of Australia without having to face them in the wild outback. 

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Block Arcade

Finally, to cap this list of Australian tourist suggestions, is one of the first shopping arcades of the Victorian era. It is a historic landmark and one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions. 

The Block Arcade was constructed between 1891 and 1893, and is located in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia. If it’s your last day in town, and you haven’t made it to the Block Arcade yet, take advantage of luggage storage in Melbourne and walk around the Block Arcade before catching your return flight. 

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It will be well worth the memory. 

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