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Have you ever wondered which the biggest mosques in the world are? As the number of Muslims is increasing day by day in the world, so, there is a need for more places where Muslims can offer their prayers. That is the reason today, the world is full of mosques that can serve more people than the population of that country, and some of them are so big that they have their zip code. In this post, you will get to know about some of the largest and beautiful mosques of the world.

Imam Raza Shrine, Mashhad – 598,656 square meters

It is one of the largest mosques in the world. Imam Reza Shrine is in Mashhad, Iran. For the people of Iran, this majestic mosque is also the religious and spiritual centre. It is located around the tomb of the eighth Shiite Imam, Imam Raza. After the Islamic Uprising in Iran, this spiritual mosque has been expanded with many other courts, four seminaries, a museum, a cemetery, an Islamic university, and a library.

Imam Raza Darbar covers an area of ​​598,656 square meters, most of which are important cultural sites. Unsurprisingly this place is also famous as the “Heart of Shiite Iran”. Today, it is a place of pilgrimage for Shiite shrine around the world, and it has a capacity of 1,500,000 tourists.

Imam Raza Shrine, Mashhad - 598,656 square meters

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat. 416,000 square feet

The list cannot be complete without the grand mosques of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. It has the capacity of 25,000 people. This mosque was constructed in 2001, and completed in took six years. The prayer hall for mens has a great lantern (supposedly the world’s largest) with 24-carat gold offerings and 600,000 Swarovski crystals, and the mosque is home to the world’s largest Persian-made carpet.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat. 416,000 square feet
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,

Djamaa el Dazair, Algiers- 416,000 Square Meters

This mosque is the latest addition to the list of the world’s largest and beautiful mosques, and it has the world’s tallest minaret, Juma al-Zayair was built in 2012, and its construction was finished in 2019. Impressively, the leading builder was China State Construction Engineering Corporation. But the winning design was KSP Jogran Engel Architect of German Architects.

The area of this mosque is ​​416,000 square meters. It has parking for 120,000 people, housing 7,000 vehicles. The most prominent part of the mosque is the prayer hall having 618 octagonal columns and 6 km long calligraphy inscriptions with laser and dome, which is 70 m long and the diameter is 50 m.

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Al-Haram Mosque, Mecca – 400,800 square meters

The Al-Haram or Holy Mosque is not only one of the largest mosques globally, but it is also the most violent and arguable mosque. The name of this mosque is mentioned in the Holy Quran as the first house built for Allah’s worship by humanity It covers 400,800 sq meters, and every year it has the capacity to cover 4,000,000 people during the Hajj. The most prominent features of the mosque are the Blackstone (a stone foundation which is located in the centre of the courtyard, and the Ibrahim Station (a rock that is believed to represent Abraham’s footprint).

Al-Haram Mosque, Mecca - 400,800 square meters

The Prophet’s Mosque, Medina- 384,000 Square Meters

It is also known as the Masjid Nabvi, and this name was given to this mosque because Prophet Muhammad himself built it. After his arrival to Madina from Makkah, he lived very close to this mosque in Medina, and his tomb is created in the Green Dome, and that part is the most prominent part of this mosque. The Prophet’s Mosque is also termed as the third mosque in the history of Islam, and it was the first mosque in Arabia that use electricity. Over the years, the mosque has been renovated and expanded several times. Today, it is a beautiful blend of Islamic, Mamluk, and Ottoman styles and can accommodate 1,000,000 pilgrims.

The Prophet's Mosque, Medina- 384,000 Square Meters
Al-Haram Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta- 93,400 Square Meters

In Southeast Asia, if we consider the ability to pray, this Istiqlal Mosque could be the largest. Moreover, this mosque is also the national mosque of Indonesia, and its name ‘Istiqlal’ having meaning(freedom or independence). This mosque opened in 1978 and can shelter 200,000 visitors.

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