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Gift cards are a wonderful option for the holiday season. You can buy them in person at a store or online; they’re easy to wrap up and give. But what if you want to go beyond that? Digital gift cards have become very popular, especially with younger generations who have grown accustomed to using them. They’re also more convenient than physical gift cards because they don’t need to be kept in a wallet or purse—just on your phone! Whether you’re looking for an Amazon gift card or something more unique like Fandango or Sephora, here are four e-gift card options:


If you’re looking to buy e-gift cards online, Amazon is a great place to start. The largest online retailer in the world has something for everyone, and its digital gift cards come in denominations of $1-$100.

Amazon gift cards are perfect for people who like to shop online or with their phones—and it’s also a good choice if you have friends or family members who live far away. With an Amazon gift card, the person on your list can buy anything they want from the site’s selection of more than 200 million products.

In addition to being able to use their gift card balance toward any product available on Amazon Prime Day, shoppers can also redeem their balance at Whole Foods grocery stores nationwide after purchasing an eligible item at checkout using Visa Checkout using either their existing checking account information or a credit card accepted by Visa Checkout (dormant checking accounts are ineligible).

Google Play

The Google Play gift card is a great choice if you want to give someone access to all the apps, games, books and music available through Google’s online store. These gift cards can be purchased in $10 increments, making them perfect for kids’ allowance or other small gifts. They can also be used in any US or Canada location where Google products are sold—and since there are more than 2 million locations across both countries, that’s quite some options!

If your recipient prefers digital content over physical products like clothing or accessories (or if they need new headphones), this is an easy way to get them started on their new collection without worrying about sizing issues.


Fandango is the best place to start if you want to give a cinema fan a great gift. The service allows you to buy movie tickets and gift cards online or via its app, which makes it super convenient. You can also use your Fandango gift card at any theatre that accepts MasterCard, but if you want some extra benefits (like discounts on concessions), buying tickets through the app will get them for you at no additional cost.

If giving someone who loves movies isn’t your thing—or if it’s just too soon for another movie ticket—consider giving them a Fandango gift card instead! On top of being able to use them for movie tickets and snacks, they’ll have access to special offers from restaurants as well as exclusive rewards from various entertainment providers like AMC Theatres®, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema® and more!

Gap Inc

Gap Inc. is a multinational clothing, accessories and home goods retailer based in San Francisco, California. Gap Inc. was founded by Donal S. Fisher on September 26, 1969, to sell Levi’s jeans. It has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Gap (now an online-only retailer) since February 7, 2002.

Gap has three major brands: Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta, with over 1,800 stores worldwide, including Europe and the Asia Pacific.


Whether you want to give someone the gift of music, movies or games, these four e-gift cards will be great. They can use them to buy anything they want on their favourite app or website. Plus, they won’t take up any space in your closet because they’re digital!

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