Would it be good to work with Micro-Influencer for Advertising Cooperation?

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Influencers usually reach places that cannot be reached by other means of marketing, thanks to which they play a quite interesting role in advertising. They have enormous potential, which, however, is not fully exploited. It is definitely worth looking at this phenomenon if you want to use the most up-to-date marketing methods. Of course, we recommend this type of cooperation to those who already work through positioning. Cooperation with an influencer is an addition to the basics that should not be abandoned. Meet two types of influencers and learn more about cooperation!

Many people are aware that celebrities who encourage people to buy a specific product or use a brand’s offer can persuade them to buy products of a different brand every day. For most of us, famous people and celebrities are distant people with whom we have no relationship. However, they inspire the trust of many people. However, banner influencers won’t be a good investment. The high price will not give you a lot of new orders, because you will disappear among other brands. It is definitely worth thoroughly examining the influencer’s activity before starting cooperation. However, not every company has funds for complex analyzes of people to cooperate with. In this case, it is worth choosing micro influencer marketing in which micro-influencers who have smaller audiences, but are closer to them, and inspire confidence. What solution will be the best for your brand?

Who are micro-influencers?

A micro-influencer can be a person who is followed on Instagram by several thousand users. Usually, under the videos posted on YouTube, it can count on several thousand views and only a few dozen comments. Thus, it can be concluded that the micro-influencer does not have a huge audience, but its relationship with them is much stronger. Sometimes they can even be based on real acquaintance. There is a simple reason why it is much easier for such a person to keep in touch with members of the community on a regular basis.

Marketers recommend looking for micro-influencers with up to 10,000 followers. They are usually very involved in the life of their community and thus have up to 20-30% higher conversion rates than traditional influencers who boast a large number of fans and followers. Find out more about the benefits of working with micro-influencers.

The authenticity of micro-influencers

Channels and accounts on Influencer marketing platform in India run by such people usually look very natural. Audiences will be much more likely to follow the advice and instructions of people who appear to be transparent than imaginary and artificially created celebrities who have nothing to do with them.

Micro-influencers and marketing – higher profitability

Real celebrities usually demand a very high salary for even one short post that appears on their social media. They earn huge amounts of money promoting the product, while micro-influencers want proportionally less for the same work. So sometimes it is more profitable for an advertising company to pay a few micro-influencers than one very famous person. In addition, this way it is easier to achieve a greater reach of such an advertisement among various groups of recipients and a higher conversion rate, as indicated by the latest research.

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