Strengthen your Password

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

The cybersecurity threat is the most serious threat in this digital environment. We are adopting new technologies and integrating new applications to enhance our efficiency. Most of us with basic security standarad think we are safe, but daily security breaches on businesses and happening around the world. An article on CXO VOICE states that most security incidents occur due to human error or negligence. To take benefit of new emerging technologies and applications, we need to start increasing our awareness of cybersecurity and strictly follow security guidelines like recognizing phishing emails, not to download anything from malicious websites, being cautious while opening email attachments, etc. Here below are the three methods to Strengthen your password security.

Password should be unique: 

For ease, we use the same password for different applications and websites. But if any of the website’s security compromises, hackers will get your password and can use it to access your other important accounts. So one should always take precautions assuming the worst scenario. Your password gives the first line of defense against unauthorized access. Therefore, following the cybersecurity guidelines, you should maintain a unique password for your accounts. 

Do not use common password.

Although nowadays, for security reasons, many websites around the world recommend and only accept strong passwords, that is necessary too. A password like, your user name123, ABCD123, password123, Admin123, 12345, or anything that is obvious to everyone should be avoided. Just combining letters and numeric digits does not make a password stronger. Your password should be hard to guess, lengthy enough, a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numeric digits, and symbols. 

Two Factor Authentication

Many organizations have already made two-factor authentication compulsory. Two-factor authentication method enables a double-factor identity check, first by your password and then OTP verification. This is a more secure method to protect your data online. 

In a digital environment, nothing is completely secure. Self-awareness and precaution are the keys to securing your important data and financial records. Many companies have initiated cybersecurity training and awareness campaigns for their employees. 

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