A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Hound Dogs

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Do you want to learn more about hound dogs?

Whether you’re an aspiring or current dog owner, these breeds might captivate your attention. After all, hundreds of hound dog types exist in the world.

If you have no idea where to start, we can help. Read on as we discuss some of the best types of hound dogs around.


You might ask, “what is a hound dog?” Usually, the first image in your mind could be the Beagle. After all, it’s the most common hound dog breed around.

These dogs are curious and charming, but their original purpose was to hunt hares. Beagles are pack animals, thriving on companionship and social interactions. They enjoy engaging activities, especially when it captivates their wandering minds.

Beagles are small, have drooping ears, muscular bodies, and erect tails. Their short and hard coat usually has black, white, and brown markings.


This German dog has a long body with a lively and charming demeanor. However, it used to hunt badgers back in 17th century Germany. Training a hound dog of this bread allows it to dig and enter badger tunnels.

However, Dachshunds are now better suited for companionship in various households. They are playful and affectionate, charming everyone they meet. The best part is you can pick between standard and miniature sizes.

You can also pick between black, chocolate, tan, and other colors for this hound dog.


The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world with its sheer athleticism. It can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. It’s possible due to its long legs coupled with an aerodynamic skull.

However, you’ll often see Greyhounds in households nowadays. They’re gentle and calm when inside your home. Their endearing nature makes them enjoyable companions.

Basset Hound

These dogs have long, drooped ears and wrinkly skins. It makes them look old, wise, and even sad. However, their athletic nature belies this appearance since they’re talented hunters.

Originally from Belgium, Basset Hounds are strong and have enough stamina to track hares regardless of the terrain. For this reason, they eventually became popular hunting companions among the French aristocrats.

Today, this dog remains loyal and friendly, making them well-suited with children. They’re the best because of their patience and gentleness.


The Bloodhound is one of the oldest hound dog types around. They have an impeccable sense of smell, allowing them to hunt boar and deer in the wild. Later on, law enforcement used this superpower to track lost and missing persons.

At home, the Bloodhound is friendly and enjoys other peoples’ company. Their obedience training as puppies can be challenging, however.

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Learn More Types of Hound Dogs Today

These are the most desirable types of hound dogs around. They serve as a starting point if you want a loyal, trustworthy companion.

However, buying from a reputable outlet allows you to make the most out of your investment. Consider reading a hound dog buying guide to learn desirable qualities.

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