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After a long hectic day at work, all you need is a cup of hot coffee to refresh and rejuvenate your energy. While this refreshing beverage comes in a variety of different types and forms, the one with the most health benefits is green coffee. From detoxifying the body, boosting the metabolism, and making you feel refreshed to helping in weight loss.  

So, sit back and relax! We’ll guide you through the plethora of health benefits that this drink has to offer you.

What is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is nothing but unroasted coffee beans that come from coffea fruits. It contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid that helps boost metabolism and moderate the insulin levels in our body.

As green coffee beans are completely raw, they contain more nutrients and it becomes easy for the body to absorb chlorogenic acid and reap bountiful health benefits. However, the taste of it is not as strong as roasted coffee beans, it tastes more like herbal tea.

Some Amazing Health Benefits of Green Coffee

Boosts Mood

For most of us, coffee is a means of getting ourselves energised and green coffee extract doesn’t seem to disappoint us. Having numerous antioxidants makes it a therapeutic drink that enhances the cognitive and psychomotor performance of the brain. The caffeine present in it increases the release of dopamine, which helps increase attentiveness, alertness and uplifts your mood.

Assists in Weight Loss

Green coffee is known as an effective weight loss supplement that also decreases cholesterol. Studies find a relation between increased doses of chlorogenic acid and decreasing body fat. The acid present in it beans lowers the absorption of carbohydrates, not letting blood sugar levels shoot up, and also maintains the lipid profile. If you drink it regularly, there is a high chance you may experience rapid fat loss and an increase in your metabolism rate.

Controls Blood Sugar

Drinking green coffee can eventually stabilise your blood sugar levels and boost insulin sensitivity in your body. As it is said to reduce inflammation and fat, it ultimately improves your blood sugar levels and thus decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Having said that maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise is a must.

Contains Anti-Ageing Properties

Along with promoting healthy blood circulation, the consumption of green coffee boosts the regeneration of new skin cells and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It extracts are also used in several cosmetics like anti-ageing creams and suns-cream.

Natural Detoxifier

Green coffee acts as a detoxifying agent in the body that works to flush out toxins, impurities, excess fat, and cholesterol from the system. You can drink it when you’re having a cold or fever as it boosts the immune system and optimizes overall health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Green coffee upon testing has shown some significant results in controlling blood pressure and maintaining good heart health. The Green coffee extract remarkably reduces the secretion of a stress hormone called cortisol and also dilates the blood vessels. So, drinking a cup of it daily proves to regulate your blood pressure.

Prevents Cancer

Green coffee has several beneficial natural substances that battle any free radical damage in the body. According to some studies, these free radicals are responsible for increasing the chances of cancer and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, the chlorogenic acid present in its beans are believed to have the ability to impede the formation of cancer cells.

Some FAQs

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Keeps You Awake?

No, it has a very less amount of caffeine in it as compared to roasted ones. It contains only 8mg of caffeine in a 400mg serving.

Are There Any Side Effects of Green Coffee?

Similar to any other coffee, excessive consumption of it can lead to unfavourable effects like increased blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia.

Is green coffee bean extract a stimulant?

It contains caffeine and ephedrine, which are both stimulant drugs. Caffeine is known to increase the levels of chlorogenic acid in the body which is speculated to help in weight loss. This polyphenol antioxidant reduces the absorption of glucose and fat in the gut and also moderates insulin levels. 

How Much Green Coffee Can You Drink in a Day?

One should try and stick to just two cups of coffee a day. Each serving of 400mg, as it is the safe limit without any side effects. Also, you should avoid drinking coffee after twilight as it can hamper you sleep.

With that said, it’s a wrap on this blog. Hope you enjoy your next hot cup of healthy and energising it .

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