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Coffee is perhaps one of the most popular drinks especially in America.  “Just take a look at your local shopping center: how many coffee places are around you and how many restaurants offer coffee? My guess? Almost all of them. And even inside the coffee shops there seem to be hundreds of choices, According to Above Average Coffee, Starbucks has over 50 drinks that aren’t even on the menu!”

From blends to single origin, coffee beans are a personal experience.  Not everyone is going to love the beans mentioned here because each palette is unique.

We all have individual experiences, taste preferences, and even temperatures that are going to change the way we experience coffee.  This breakdown is going to give you a glimpse into several of the top types of coffee including two easily accessible brands that you can get right off of Amazon or another retailer.

1. Kona

Kona coffee is regularly growing in popularity thanks to its smooth notes and the growing ease of access.  The only problem with most Kona coffees is that any blend of coffee can be labeled a Kona coffee as long as it has some sort of kona bean mixed in.  100% Kona beans are the best way to go and remember to buy responsibly: these beans are grown along a very small strip of land in Hualailai, Hawaii where the temperatures, elevation, and moisture content are absolutely perfect for this Arabica type bean.

2.  Peaberry

Most coffee beans come in pairs inside of the gorgeous red coffee berry.  Peaberry’s are hardier, more dense, and have a lighter flavor than other beans as they are single beans in the coffee berry.  These beans also have a higher amount of caffeine as the plant that they grew on could dedicate more energy to a single bean rather than two.

3. AA Kenyan

These are some of the largest coffee beans and they are grown as a sort of competition.  Did you know that in Kenya, they host an auction where the best beans get sold for higher prices.  This ensures that the beans that you purchase are of the highest quality and this also creates healthy economic competition between coffee farmers.

4. Sumatran

These are known for their much darker color.  The flavor is generally very rich and bold and can sometimes even seem a little bit like syrup.  The prized Sumatran beans are often grown in Panang. 

What sets them apart is their processing: Sumatran beans are wet processed and then dried three separate times.  This allows them to have a gentle flavor that is also highly complex.

5. Nicaraguan

These types of coffee beans are processed three different ways and vary greatly based on one of the five regions that are best known for their beans.  The reason that this type of bean is on this list is due to the hard work that Nicaraguan farmers have put into cultivating well known strains of it with very controlled flavors that can be easily reproduced.  

6. Colombian

Much like the Nicaraguan coffee beans, Colombian beans are grown in a variety of areas but they are mainly dry processed.  What sets Colombian beans apart is that farmers in the area focus on growing what is thought to be the superior Arabica coffee bean.  These beans are more susceptible to diseases, but their flavors are far more pronounced than the other most common its bean variant, Robusta.

7. Guatemalan

 Guatemalan beans are also high in popularity because they are very versatile based upon their roast type, highlighting why using the best commercial coffee roasting machines is important. Lighter roasts have more intense citrus flavors while darker roasts bring out a deep chocolatey flavor.  Because of the elevation in Guatemala, there are elevation grades of beans as well.  The elevation effects the amount of nutrients available to the plant and can then change the prominent flavors in the beans.

8. Ethiopian

Ethiopian they come in three main varieties: Djimmah, Limu, and Ghimbi.  The first has a medicinal aftertaste at times and is grown at elevations above 6,000 ft.  Limu and Ghimbi are the more preferred varieties as the Limu is a bit sweeter than the Ghimbi which has a much more developed and well-rounded flavor profile.

9. Dunkin

The phrase “America Runs on Dunkin’” is a far more common phrase than it used to be.  As more and more coffee drinkers have risen to the ranks, Dunkin’ has definitely taken a solid spot in the heart of many a coffee drinker.  With their smooth blend, low bitterness, and fruity tones, Dunkin whole bean takes the cake as a great daily brew.

10. Deathwish

WARNING: this coffee is not for the faint of heart!  Deathwish coffee obtained it’s fame because of how intense their flavors are as well as the level of it.  Some people actually use this type of coffee as a sort of pre-workout rather than an actual pre-workout powder.

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These are experience.  It’s a drink that really is an individual choice: someone who likes Kona coffee, may not like peaberry coffee.  In the same way, someone who lives off of Deathwish coffee, may find lighter coffees such as Arabica based Colombian and Guatemalan coffees to be too weak.  

As with any type of flavor journey, take your time and try some of the varieties listed here and see what types of it beans fit your personal flavor profile the best!

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