Helpful Home Decor Accessories That Are Stylish & Affordable

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

To someone who is unfamiliar to the world of home décor, it may seem like both a challenging and expensive aspect of property ownership. £300 on a curtain rail, £900 for a new lamp that has a touch screen on it for some reason, or sofas so uncomfortable that you can barely look at it without getting a sore back, yet cost £3400, all of these are daunting numbers, and unfortunately are becoming more and more popular in recent years. This is why we must take back the right to decorate our homes how we want, on a budget that won’t cost more than your yearly mortgage payment, keep reading to discover some helpful home décor accessories that are stylish and affordable.

Reuse, Recycle

Now that people are starting to become more conscious about throwing things away and making the old into new, the market for reused and recycled items has blown up. There is the simple act of turning a used bottle into a vase, but then you have people scaling up to turning old cars into furniture, or plane panels into outdoor accessories, the mind can truly run wild when thinking of the possibilities to reusing old items.

Woven and wicker for the win

For those looking for a nice item to fill a gap in your lounge’s decorations, or who want a vessel for flowerpots, umbrellas, shoes, whatever, then going down the woven or wicker route might be for you. Woven décor can really bring a welcoming and rustic atmosphere to any lounge, kitchen, office, or wherever you put it, and can usually be bought at a reasonable price, so check out these other perks of owning woven storage and convert yourself to the woven life.

Plants are your friends

An easy way to bring a little bit of life and colour to your home is to invest in some greenery. Flowers, indoor plants, even a herb garden in the kitchen, all of these give you so many colour, texture, and scent options to play with, and can have a practical element to them (especially the herb garden). There are plants for every kind of person, so find what works for you and enjoy having that fresh and welcoming atmosphere all around your house.

Tactical wallpaper insertion

When some people think of wallpaper, they think of the old, monotone flowery patterns from the 1950’s and which plaster the insides of many old houses, but nowadays there is such a large and extensive variety of wallpaper and options you have with wallpaper, that you would regret not considering it for your home. The number of patterns and colour schemes fill countless catalogues to the brim, and then you have to decide how much you’d like and where. Whole rooms, feature walls, integrated with paint to get a more dynamic and interesting combination, the possibilities are truly endless.

Get creative with lighting

If you are strapped for space or do not want to overload a room with furniture and knickknacks then take the time to invest and experiment with lighting. Casing, colour, angle, brightness, intensity, these are some of the aspects of lighting that need to be taken into consideration, and, depending on your choices, lighting can be as dynamic or as simplistic as you want. Being able to easily change the atmosphere of any room, when used differently, gives lighting the power to really impact your décor, so take the time and find what styles and trends you like, and what will work for you and your home. 

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