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Let’s face the fact: your product needs to be in full display whilst present in a retail selling point—It’s the only way to ensure maximum productivity on the sale point.

Actually, almost all products end up in retail shops with owners who sell too many things. Therefore, a lot of products are present. If a customer does not know your product by name, then your product needs to attract him/her by its presence.

Of course, it’s fairly possible with auto bottom tray. If you package your retail products in them, then every retail shop will have a full display of your product on shelves. So, customers come in the shop, see your product, pick them due to curiosity, and ultimately purchase them.

Printed auto bottom tray displays all promotional tools whilst on shelves and makes it possible to attract customers on first sight: it happens in every departmental store. That’s why your product needs to be present in the custom auto bottom tray; if you want to grab this opportunity.

The second most required thing is safety, along with a beautiful presentation. The customized auto bottom tray makes it possible to keep products safe on shelves. So, you do not face any loss due to damage.

In this post, we will discuss prominence and safety points regarding stylish auto bottom tray. So, you must keep reading further.

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How the auto bottom tray makes your product prominent and safe?

How the auto bottom tray makes your product prominent?

Truth bomb: Prominence is a quality that captures attention, and it is only possible when style, full features, and attention-grabbing elements are present in something. Let’s discuss this custom auto bottom tray.


If your products are placed on top of each other like sachet bags in a retail shop, then it may serve the purpose of being present. However, it will not be a prominent style. Everyone will see them, but their minds will not resonate with the product.

How can you make it resonate? Simple answer! Try innovative style.

How is it possible? Present your products in an organized structure on shelves. Auto bottom tray organizes a product in an optimum way that it has a style; it attracts customers with the structural style.

Your products will look like products from a sophisticated company, which will create credibility in front of the customer, and he/she will intend to buy.

Full features

If you are selling a retail product, then you need to tell the customer about what he/she will get. It’s only possible will description printed on the packaging, along with instructions and composition.

These trays are the right tools for printing description, tagline, graphics, instructions, and composition. Your customer will read it, convinced by it, and purchase it.

This way, your product will become more prominent among other products. And it is a psychological fact that prominence leads to desire, which will generate revenue for you. Do not leave this opportunity by not opting these trays.

Grabbing attention

Plenty of elements can be used to grab attention; it helps to generate sales. For example, vibrant graphics that pinch minds and enhance curiosity printed on these trays. Moreover, mind-twisting tagline that draws all attention to the product. Furthermore, out of the world colour scheme that subconsciously attracts customers. For example, purple colour with text or orange colour with green shade; you can also come up with any other better idea.

In short, you can put any element on these trays in order to grab attention. When you have that, then your sales struggle will be done. Other elements will carry out their work and close the deal.

The personalized auto bottom tray is in practice by many companies that create a connection with customers. And customers always crave to pick up a new product from these trays.

How the auto bottom tray makes your product safe and secure?

Safety of the product should be the number one concern for you if you are in a retail business. It’s because little damages accumulate together and produce big losses in the end.

The safe and secure auto bottom tray is the right packaging option if you want complete security of your product. For example, your product may be in a small size. It can drop from shelves. So, these trays will help you keep the product in place. This way, you will never get complaints from retail shop owners that your product becomes damaged while staying on the shelves.

Moreover, your products will be in large numbers, such as 100 or more. That number can create problems during handling. These trays will help you keep them organized and safe for the customers. So, your customers can have the highest quality products right in front of them on the shelves.

Advantages that you can get

Your products can be of any size. That will create a problem for you. If you order boxes for all your products, then your packaging cost will eat out profit margins. Do you want that? We bet you do not. So, what to do? Simple solution. Opt for the packaging that can accumulate a large number of products. So, you do not need to spend any dime more from your business capital.

The second advantage you will get is an easy carriage. You can pack these trays with plastic and put them on top of each other in loading vehicles. This way, you will carry all your products to their destination.

Retail shop owners will have to remove the plastic and put an auto bottom tray on the shelf. And wait for customers to empty the tray: Simple procedure, no more hassle.

Moreover, retail shop owners also prefer to use these trays because, after the use, these trays also serve for recycling that brings extra money for retail shop owners.

Wrap up

Auto bottom tray serves you with two purposes: creating a prominent image of your product and keep your products safe. Now, you can opt for these trays for your product with complete satisfaction. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

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