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What is mongodb server hosting?

We have talked about why you should rather use the mongodb server hosting than its competitors, so we now know we have to host a MongoDB Server Online.

Many hosting companies provide MongoDB hosting solutions, so which host should you choose? While choosing the hosting company, you should consider these factors –

  • Data Transfer Fees – You should consider how much the company is charging for data transfer, if it’s charging that is. If it’s free, then that’s the best choice and it should be free.
  • Expert Support – Though MongoDB is easy to learn and operate, experts are experts right? So you must consider the fact that if you are getting expert support from the company itself or not.
  • Tools and Options – You should consider if you are getting free admin tools, dashboard, control panel, and other tools and options given by the company or not.

This is how you can choose the best hosting service for your business. 

Mongodb server hosting – Why choose it?

MongoDB is an open-source platform, that designs to store loads of data and it enables you efficiently work with that data. Also, MongoDB puts into the category of NoSQL(an abbreviation of Not only SQL) which means data in a MongoDB Server not store in the form of tables.

MongoDB servers launch years back on February 2009, by MongoDB Inc., and licenses under Server-Side Public License (SSPL in short).

It supports most of all the popular programming languages including C, C++, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, etc. Developers can use the most popular languages to create applications however they want. 

Even major Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, eBay, Adobe, use MongoDB to store loads of data.

What are the Characteristics of mongodb server hosting by HostingRaja?

Everything you need to know about mongodb server hosting

Schema-Less Database

The meaning of a schema-less database is that a collection can contain a lot of other documents. These documents may vary in size, shape, numbers, names, etc. but will still be contained in one document. This provides flexibility to the collection and the documents.

Great Performance

The mongodb server hosting works very well as compared to its competitors because it’s reliable, flexible, scalable and it is also document-oriented.

Data Backup And Security

The mongodb server hosting crafts various copies of the data and uploads it on multiple servers so that if one gets deleted or lost somehow, you can use the backup data for your use.

Division And Sharding

Sharding means dividing data into parts and uploading it on multiple servers and these parts of data are distributed in equal parts among various physical servers.

Document Oriented

MongoDB is document-oriented, as mentioned earlier, which means that data is stored in the form of documents instead of rows and columns, which makes it easier to edit that data as compared to its competitors.

Unique Object ID

All the data in the collections provide different object IDs. Plus all the data divide into primary and secondary data, which makes it easier to find necessary data in the pool of documents.


MongoDB allows you to get computes results by performing actions on a group or aggregate data. It can consider like SQL GROUPEDBY Clause. It gives the users three main grouping options – Single purpose aggregate, map-reduce function, and aggregate pipeline. 

How mongodb server hosting Compare to its competitor’s servers?

One of MongoDB’s closest competitors is RDBMS, so we are going to compare MongoDB with RDBMS today.

Orientation – While RDBMS is a relational database, MongoDB is a document-oriented database, which makes it easier to use and flexible.

Theorem – ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) theorem is the theorem that RDBMS is based on. While MongoDB is based on the CAP (Consistency, Availability, and Partition tolerance) theorem.

Performance – RDBMS is comparatively slower than MongoDB and MongoDB is faster as to RDBMS.

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