How to Find the Best Wedding Invitations Online
How to Find the Best Wedding Invitations Online

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Umer Malik

Ideas for stylish wedding invitations

Invitations really set the first note of a wedding. To think outside the box and avoid basic invitations, here are some ideas for developing stylish wedding invitations.

Announcement or save-the-date?

Wedding invitations are the first element of the wedding that the people invited will receive. Most often personalized, this stationery item already gives the theme of the wedding: chic, country, bohemian, traditional, or elegant for example. It’s a memory that lasts for life.

First, from the chosen date and place of the ceremony, it is possible to send a save-the-date. This is a simple invitation, only asking guests to note the date of the wedding in their agenda, to be sure of being available.

Later, once the organization of the union is well advanced, the bride and groom can then send their wedding announcement. It takes up in detail the organization of the latter and contains an RSVP bulletin that each guest must send back to let them know whether or not they are coming.

These documents are part of a set of stationery, with the program of the ceremony or the menu of the festive meal, which reflects the theme and the atmosphere of the wedding. Choosing them carefully as well as the matching envelopes, like the union to come, is essential.

Choose and prepare your wedding invitations with style

It is important to find a theme for your wedding: this is what will give it unity throughout its organization, from the save-the-date to the thank you cards, including of course the ceremony itself. By following this style, it is possible to choose trendy and unique invitations.

Simple and traditional invitations

If the theme of the wedding is slow to be decided, or if the future spouses want a very simple union, it is possible to choose traditional and refined wedding invitations online. A type of handwritten writing on unbleached paper, with elegant envelopes like those that can be found on the site, is perfectly suited to remain sober. It is also possible to add ornaments at a lower cost thanks to laser cutting. Traditional illustrations, such as flowers – and roses in particular – will fit perfectly into this clean, classic theme.

A romantic and country style for your wedding invitations

It’s a recurring trend in the world of weddings: the bohemian and romantic style is attracting more and more couples who choose this theme as the red thread for the organization of their wedding. The paper is in kraft or parchment, the same for the envelope which can then be closed with a wax seal. To adorn the stationery, you can choose to slip in dried flowers, directly imprisoned in the paper, or to tie raffia. There are paper invitation cards to sow: the latter contains dozens of seeds, just plant it, water it, and flowers will grow!

Colorful and personalized invitations

The wedding is the best opportunity to create entirely personalized and original support: it will mark the guests for sure! Many forms exist for invitations that are out of the ordinary: round or fan-shaped paper to fold yourself, a puzzle to piece together, etc. For a result in the image of the newlyweds, the stationery can contain photomontages, and illustrations. The drawings can even be unique and represent lovers by calling on a graphic designer. You can choose matching envelopes or envelopes with a colored background so that the surprise and the experience begin as soon as the invitations are received.

A chic and precious style for a refined wedding

If the union theme is particularly elegant and classy, ​​then the invitations should be too! It is now possible to print on rigid and transparent Plexiglas or PVC sheets. If the paper is preferred, it must be of superior quality. Yoke or overlay lace can make it look like real jewelry. We opt for a knot with a golden ribbon, for example, to decorate the announcement and finish with refinement.

The new generation’s invitation

For lovers 2.0, there are possibilities to make your wedding invitation with flowers connected and in tune with the times. It is an ideal possibility for all celebrations with very original themes, related to pop culture. You can insert a QR code to flash directly on the invitations: the latter will lead to the GPS map of the place of the ceremony or to the wedding website. Some applications allow you to do the same thing by flashing a photo printed on the invitation.

Rustic, chic, colorful, or at the cutting edge of technology, there are many ways to design and prepare stylish invitations for your wedding!

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