How to buy prescription glasses that looks perfect on you

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Umer Malik

How many times have you not regretted buying your glasses? You liked them at first, but they don’t look good with your stylish, artsy outfit. They also do not match your look with your 5-inch stilettos. You cannot wear them to any parties. And contact lenses are difficult to use. You are way too careless and cannot risk any infection. 

Matching glasses with your looks, then with your style, is impossible when you have already bought them. You just have to go on with your mismatched style or try to make the best out of your glasses.

How to choose glasses that fit you the best?

When you are buying glasses online vs buying them offline, you have a totally different dilemma. You might find the glasses look good on you because of the bright light of the store or because the store manager keeps praising your looks. You might get persuaded by the salesperson more than you actually like the frames. 

While buying online, you don’t really know if the stylish looking glasses are actually that stylish. They do look great on the models. You even do a virtual try-on and like the glasses frames. And then the chosen glasses get delivered, and you wonder why you even liked that expensive piece in the first place. What if you could try them before buying them online. Well, it’s possible. You can avail of a free home trial on glasses. You can check the quality, style and every other parameter while you try them at home. Also, you can try the frames with every outfit you have. This way, you can be sure how your new glasses will look in each style of attire.

Match Glasses with your face shape

Take note of your face shape. You can change your outfit but not your face. Your face shape tells how your character is. 

If you have a round face, most people will assume you are too kind. You are caring and a good friend to have. 

If you have a square face, you will be perceived as rough and tough. You will appear bold and intelligent. This might be different from your actual personality. 

Glasses that go with your face shape can break this prejudice. You can make your appearance a bit tougher or friendlier any way you want. 

Key to choose your glasses – Get frames that balance out your look. If your face appears too round, bring balance by wearing rectangular frames. If your face has very angular and sharp features, then get glasses that are round or have softer edges to nullify your stern appearance. If you have a long face, break the appearance with oversized glasses. Get glasses frames that will make you appear balanced and not something that exaggerates your negative factors. When choosing glasses, block away from the advice of the salesmen and think for yourself. Does it make you look good? If the first answer is no, then it might not actually look good. Or you can take someone who is a good critic.

Match Glasses with your style

If you are looking for one pair of glasses that will suit every occasion, go for black. Black is the traditional choice and goes with just any style. Brown, tortoiseshell and thin-rimmed frames also match most of the outfit styles. An even better option is transparent glasses frames. These glasses are vogue and give you an entirely different look in any outfit you try. If you are aiming for a complete look change, go for these glasses.

Or you can choose glasses for every occasion. Black glasses are stylish and everyone’s favourite. But they are worn by almost everyone. Try different colours for a change. Vibrant or pastel coloured glasses might not fit your office attire, but you can get them for casual occasions. And if glasses are 70 per cent cheaper than the high streets, you should not have second thoughts. Get as many as you like from the Specscart collection of stylish glasses at affordable prices.

Quality is the Most Crucial Factor

If you want to change your appearance, you go for a stylish frame, compromising on the quality of the lenses. But if you can afford both style and quality, then you go for the best glasses. With Specscart, you will not need to compromise either on the lenses or the style of the frames. 

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