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When the users open a Yahoo account and get an account, sometimes they have worried about their account security. Later, when they are finding an account, they worry about their account password. Even if the user has a strong password defending his Yahoo account, he should once in a while need to change the password. And it is a good idea to change his passwords every few months, or it will keep him ahead of the curve and his personal information at minimal risk.

In addition to protecting passwords regularly, he needs to change his password if he finds out that his account has been hacked. That’s why his data has been lost or has been compromised otherwise. Fortunately, it takes several clicks to change his yahoo password. Below is the description of how to change password on a bulk account of yahoo mail.

To change Yahoo password on a computer:

If the user knows his subsisting Yahoo password and needs to change it, he may use the link finding in his account settings.

  1. He needs to open Yahoo in a web browser and click the account avatar at the top right of the web page.
  2. He needs to click ‘Settings’ in the drop-down menu. If he is guided to the Yahoo Mail page, he needs to choose ‘Account info’ instead.
  3. He needs to click ‘Account Security’ in the whack on the left.
  4. Needs to click ‘Change password’.
  5. He needs to enter the new password he wants to use and then enter it again in the ‘Confirm new password’ field. He may need to check ‘Show password’ if he wants to confirm to see what he is typing.
  6. We needs to click ‘Continue’ to save his new password.

To change Yahoo password on the mobile app:

The user can also change his password from the mobile app.

  1. He needs to tap his account avatar at the top left of his phone screen, above the Inbox in the Yahoo app.
  2. Needs to tap ‘Settings’.

3. Needs to tap ‘Manage accounts’ in the ‘Settings’ menu.

  1. Needs to find his account and tap ‘Account info’ on the ‘Manage Accounts’ page.
  2. to tap ‘Security Settings’ and may need to enter the password or use his device’s biometric security.
  3. Needs to tap ‘Change password’ on the ‘Account Security’ page.
  4. At last, needs to enter his new password and re-enter the password to confirm it.
  5. Needs to tap ‘Continue’ and then the user’s new password is changed and saved.

To reset Yahoo password:

If the user loses or forgets his Yahoo password, he will be able to reset it.

  1. The user needs to open Yahoo in a web browser and then click ‘Sign in’.
  2. Needs to enter his email address or username and click ‘Next’ option.
  3. Needs to click ‘Forgot password’.
  4. Yahoo offers to send him a password reset link. His options build upon what contact options he has configured in his account settings. He can choose to get a text message or an email sent to a backup email address. Then, he needs to choose the option works perfectly for him.
  5. When he gets the reset link by following it he needs to enter the new password, he wants to use with his Yahoo account.


Yahoo Mail is a kind of online email service provider and serves millions of users around the world. By using Yahoo mail, people can communicate worldwide, and can use email chat and text-messaging options.

The user should remember to make his new password a powerful combination of lower and uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers a minimum of 8 characters long. And he should not be used the password on any other online service. No matter which emails the user uses, changing his password regularly is best for cybersecurity and this habit also helps him to reduce the hacking risk.