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Let me tell you honestly: launching your new e-commerce is a 3C business: critical, complicated and expensive!

Promotion is an activity that requires a specific strategy according to your objectives , the results you want to pursue, your market , your competitors , your customers and numerous other critical success factors, including the uniqueness of your human factor. .

Let’s go now to see a series of launch and promotion modes that you could strategically mix, in order to produce a winning promotional cocktail and put 4 driving legs to the tredz discount code of your online store, from the first day of its life!

Coming soon

First of all, you are not obliged to wait for your shop to be active before communicating its existence.

You could otherwise activate a communication campaign aimed at enhancing the less commercial aspects and among them your goals, your mission, your commitment to the environment, people, animals, in other words your manifesto!

In this way you can involve your audience in advance, create anticipation, curiosity, stimulate them to interact, to leave their contact in exchange for future benefits. Linkedin might be a great social media space to reach your audience. If you’re occupied with too many things and rarely have time to move on, you can use the bots on LinkedIn which will provide an instant boost

Or (if you can afford it) create “noise” around the new store and pay homage to the first “x” people who register a valuable product, to the second “y” an incredible discount on the first purchase and to the third “z” l invitation to a special event.

Furthermore, the coming soon page can be very useful for measuring market demand every time you are about to launch a new product or a new service, to collect valuable feedback from the public and to stimulate a pre- referral marketing action. – launch.

Soft Launch

It is recommended to start on tiptoe as a new e-commerce platform needs a minimum time for its initial running-in, in order to remove possible operating anomalies and optimize aspects related to the customer experience.

A soft launch could also involve a selected panel of biased ” power users ” (friends, relatives, colleagues, former colleagues, sympathizers) with the aim of conducting a ” stress test “, identifying all possible areas for improvement and optimizing functionality of the store before its official launch!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a stronger and more professional proof you will necessarily have to resort to testing specialists who debug (analysis) every single relevant aspect of your e-commerce.

Hard launch

Having brilliantly passed the “stress test”, testing and “soft” launch phase, you will be able to officially launch the store with great fanfare, using all the channels at your disposal, to obtain maximum visibility and reach the widest audience.

Even if the final goal is that of Omnichannel , in an initial phase you will be able to focus on the channels that you consider most strategic, in line with your offer and where your buyer personas are actively present .

Direct contacts

Often in a launch phase we forget about the contacts we already have and which instead represent a very important asset to start from. For example, our business partners, our customers, colleagues, former colleagues, acquaintances.

The advice is to start with those you already know to “personalize” a targeted communication. The Mail marketing is the most immediate and effective communication strategy to reach audiences with which you are already in contact.

Of course, the messages can customized according to the different segments and above all the objectives that your communication intends to pursue.

As an example, your friends could become your first customers and their satisfaction can be transformed into a generator of new leads and new potential customers. Your former colleagues turn into collaborators, into partners to convey the new platform.

Media Relation

A very sensible and functional way of obtaining visibility in the launch phase of a new project is to collaborate with the media , providing them with newsworthy (and non-commercial) content that can represent an element of added value for their respective audiences. In this way you will be able to reach very wide audiences with the main objective of communicating your true value and above all “ what good you want to bring to this planet ”.

Web and social promotion

Your Business Plan will have to foresee a significant amount of investment on Web and Social channels in order to promote your new online store.

Don’t make the serious mistake of thinking (even for a moment) that the activation of a new platform, graphically appealing, with beautiful products, competitive prices and amazing promotions, will allow you to get orders from day one!

You can therefore decide to promote your new online store using the services of Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and any promotional platform where your buyer personas are potentially present, in order to bring them your ” verb “.

Remember that ” there is no click without pay “. Organize and structure your Pay per Click campaigns by assigning them an adequate budget for the objectives and results defined in the business plan .


It is very unlikely that your project will enter a ” virgin ” market .

So try to understand how actors already present in the competitive arena can be useful to you to promote your project.

Of course, your skill will be to find partners that don’t overlap with your business and that complement each other.

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