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Nearly a quarter of current websites and apps require users to verify their mobile phone numbers either during or after registration. This feature is becoming more and more common every day. However, what if for some reason using a mobile phone and thereby phone number for this purpose is impossible? In this case, most people give up on the idea of completing verification and using a particular online service, although the solution is really simple. You can easily perform that task on any device with the help of temporary phone numbers. 

Functioning of temporary numbers 

Many new users think that such numbers are a complicated feature or just sets of digits without any real application. Luckily, both of these conclusions are wrong. 

In general, temporary phone numbers are regular phone numbers we use on our mobile phones every day to message and call other people. They consist of the same number of digits and have the same country dialing codes. There is no way to distinguish these two types of numbers when looking at them, which, however, doesn’t mean that they are completely the same. 

Unlike regular numbers, temporary ones are used on the internet via appropriate platforms. Going anywhere is absolutely unnecessary. You only need to find a website or app that provides temporary phone numbers, sign up for it, and then use the offered solutions for the intended purpose. The whole process takes no longer than a couple of minutes and can be performed by inexperienced users even if it is about using the China SMS receive option. This is mostly due to the fact that those services have a user-friendly design that is easy to navigate. 

Supported platforms 

One of the most popular questions regarding the operation of temporary numbers is whether they can be used with one or another service. This becomes especially relevant when it comes to using them for registration on unpopular or high-risk platforms. 

There is no cause for concern in this regard. These numbers are fully suitable for use with any website and app, whether it is a social network or payment system. Since they operate in the same way as standard mobile phone numbers, there is no problem with that. The only thing to keep in mind is that every company that offers numbers for registration on online services can restrict receiving verification codes from specific platforms with their temporary numbers. Therefore, before recharging it is recommended to check if the selected provider has the required numbers as their absence is the most common problem in this industry. 

Using temporary phone numbers with ease 

This task consists of two steps. The first step is to obtain the number, which can be done on one of the currently available services such as 5SIM, SMS-Activate, SMS-Man, and others. There are more than a hundred of them on the internet. Below we will explain how to get temp phone number on SMS-Man as it is the best option for new users due to the simple design and round-the-clock support directly on the website: 

1. Proceed to and sign up for an account. 

2. Choose a convenient payment method from those that are represented on the appropriate page and use it to top up your profile balance. 

3. On the main page of the platform select the country where a temporary number will be issued. 

4. Use the search feature on the next tab to find the website or app it is necessary to register for. 

5. Click on the purchase button to buy the number. 

This concludes the first step. The second step is to use the acquired number. To do this, paste it into the relevant field on the previously chosen service and request a one-time password. Once requested, go back to the platform you purchased the temporary number on, reveal the code, and use it to verify the number. 

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