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When we think of it, humans spend most of their time in their bedrooms. Look at it this way; it’s where you begin and end your day. It’s where you spend, say, eight hours of sleep. For this reason, a bedroom should reflect your personality in terms of moods and colors. That’s where neon light signs come into play. 

In addition to giving your space a sense of style and whimsy, neon signs also make it warm and inviting. From soothing phrases to motivational quotes, there are numerous neon color bedroom décor ideas to help transform your bedroom. 

Choosing the Right Neon Colors for Your Bedroom

Selecting neon colors for your bedroom is vital to creating your desired atmosphere. Here are some tips to consider:

Choose Your Desired Mood

Specific colors evoke certain emotions and states. Here is how you can set the mood in your bedroom with colors:

  • Warm White: If you seek comfort and relaxation, warm white gives off a soft glow, transforming your bedroom into a peaceful retreat.
  • Light Blue: This color is ideal if you are looking for calm and serene vibes. It provides a tranquil backdrop conducive to relaxation.
  • Pink: if you are going for a playful ambiance filled with romance, pink is your color. It is soothing and can soften your room’s mood.
  • Purple: This color offers a rich and abundant vibe, giving your space an aura of royalty and luxury.

Experiment with Different Color Combinations

When choosing custom LED neon signs, revisiting the color theory and wheel never hurts. One way to select your color palette is to use complementary colors. Complementary colors accentuate each other, while contrasting colors highlight the differences in each color. For this reason, try using contrasting colors (e.g., a pink neon sign against a dark blue wall) if you want to make a bold statement.

Consider Aesthetic Harmony

The color of your neon sign should complement your bedroom décor without overwhelming it. The goal is to ensure your room’s aesthetics are in harmony. So, while your neon artwork should stand out, it should blend in with the surroundings.

Personal Considerations

Your personal preferences also play a huge role in determining the color of your neon signs. Whether you lean towards the subtle or bold, choose a piece that reflects your individuality.

Room Functionality

When buying neon lights for bedroom, it’s also crucial to consider your bedroom’s functions. For instance, warmer tones such as oranges, whites, reds, and pinks are best suited for bedrooms since they create a cozy atmosphere. Overly bright colors, on the other hand, might disrupt your sleep pattern.

Top 10 Neon Colour Bedroom Décor Ideas You Should Try

A question that most people ask concerning neon light décor in the bedroom is, “Are neon signs safe for bedrooms?” The answer is yes. The signs pose no harm, whether in the bedroom or any other space in your home. Now that that is answered, let’s look at some of the neon light décor ideas you can try.

‘You’re Really Pretty’ Neon Sign

One of the neon color bedroom décor ideas to explore is the ‘You’re Really Pretty’ neon sign. It radiates compliments and positive vibes throughout your sleeping space. The simple yet uplifting message is a gentle reminder of one’s worth, and its lighthearted tone creates a confidence-boosting ambiance.

As for the colors, hot pink and purple should be your top choices as they evoke a sense of tenderness and femininity, further enhancing the message’s overall charm and elegance. So where do you place your ‘you’re really pretty’ sign? Hanging it on a wall would be great, but you can also place it above a mirror or in a cozy corner.

Peachy Female Neon Sign

Another amazing custom neon light décor piece for your bedroom that you can never go wrong with is a neon sign depicting a sexy female back. It is perfect for giving your space just the right dose of sensuality, and if you are a fan of sensual art, this is an artwork you will love. Besides giving your bedroom a dramatic aura, the neon sign creates a sexy ambiance ideal for a couple’s bedroom.

Palm Tree Neon Sign

Looking to bring a tropical and laid-back vibe into your relaxation haven? Look no further than a palm tree custom LED neon sign. An iconic symbol of relaxation and paradise, the palm brings a feeling of tranquility to your space, instantly transporting you to your dream vacation surrounded by sandy beaches and the gentlest of ocean breezes.

For color choice, opt for a light blue as it is reminiscent of ocean waters and clear skies, further enhancing the calm vibes. You can place the sign above your bed or on a prominent wall.

Magical Unicorn

What about adorning your bedroom with a unicorn neon sign to create a magical atmosphere? While this may sound like an idea for your little one’s space, there is no saying that it can’t be done for your bedroom. The perfect colors for the magical unicorn neon sign are light blue and pink. Pink represents innocence, love, and sweetness. On the other hand, light blue symbolizes tranquility and a magical sense. When these soft hues combine, they evoke an ethereal feel, mirroring the whimsical nature of unicorns. Find a suitable spot for it where it can act as an attention grabber. This could be on a wall, shelf, or near a play area or reading nook. 

‘Irresistible Lips’ Neon Sign

The ‘Irresistible Lips’ neon sign is another of the numerous neon color bedroom decor ideas worth exploring. Featuring an iconic lips design, the sign evokes feelings of romance, desire, and passion. The lips design conveys a seductive message, adding a touch of playfulness to your space and setting the mood for you and your partner’s intimate moments. Consider placing the sign on a wall, above the bed, or on the dressing table as long as the location catches the eye.

‘Lips Dripping’ LED Acrylic Artwork

This neon light sign is for the bold-hearted, featuring colored saliva dripping from a pair of open lips. it’s an eye-catching and stimulating artwork that would be perfect for adding a bold element to your bedroom décor. It embraces edgy and contemporary aesthetics, making it a definite conversation starter. 

If you want a neon light sign that shows desire and sensuality, the open succulent lips of this piece do the magic. The saliva brings in an element of surprise that seeks to challenge the norms. The use of bold colors activates your senses, making the piece even more captivating.

‘Suck Me’ Acrylic artwork

If you are bold enough, why not try out the stimulating ‘Suck Me’ neon acrylic artwork? The sensual art of a lady sucking on a lollipop accentuates your bedroom décor with beautiful colors. This artwork blends well with contemporary home décor, as it beautifully contrasts the design to create a flamboyant appeal.

‘Sweet Cherry’ Acrylic Artwork

This artwork shows salacious lips seductively biting a succulent cherry. The artistry triggers the wild and sensual part of you, making it perfect for spicing up your bedroom game. The piece would look great on the wall above your bed. You can also include it in your gallery wall collection to make it more inviting. Alternatively, you can display it on a dresser or shelf to give your bedroom a whimsical feel.

‘Sleep Tight’ Neon Sign

Nothing screams ‘have the best night’ better than a ‘Sleep Tight’ neon sign. The simple yet profound message in this custom neon light decor reminds you to take care of yourself and let go of your worries for a while. Consider bright colors like yellow to create a warm ambiance as you embrace the night. Also, dark walls are a plus, as the sign beautifully contrasts against them.

‘Drunk In Love’ Neon Sign

The ‘Drunk in Love’ neon sign is a nice idea for a couple’s bedroom. It is a proclamation of love and unity for each other, a reminder that you will stand together through thick and thin. Consider bright purple or white for that dazzling glow and warm ambiance.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, transforming your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary reflecting your style, personality, and mood is rewarding. Neon light signs offer an aesthetically pleasing and versatile way to do this, injecting warmth, style, and whimsy into your space. Whether you look for romantic motifs or motivational phrases, the possibilities are endless. Remember, your bedroom is more than just a room; it reflects who you are as a person. So why not make it truly yours by exploring these neon color bedroom décor ideas? 

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