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The more clutter you have in your bedroom, the less relaxing it feels. Sleeping in a disorganized and messy bedroom is a big no-no as experts believe one cannot have a restful sleep among clutter. Less clutter in the bedroom will ensure you have more space to relax, unwind and sleep better and that is what bedrooms are for. So let’s take a look at some storage solutions that will help you minimize the amount of things you have out in your room and keep you more organized.

Instead Of A Night Stand, Have A Bedside Table

The most a nightstand can hold is a lamp and a few small things like your phone or probably some jewelry. Switch out your nightstand with a bedroom side table with drawers which will give you more than enough space to put small trinkets and well as remote controls, chargers, books, and other loose items.

Incorporate A Dressing Table In Your Vanity

Putting a dressing table in your room instead of extra cupboards is always a good idea. Dressing table models come with built in storage that will hold a lot of your products and end up leaving your bathroom clutter free as well. You can also go for a custom made dressing table which is a hybrid between a cupboard and a dresser and make space to store your night clothes as well.

Add Seating Space With In Built Storage

A sensible and attractive bedroom storage concept is an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. Choose one with a lidded top and utilize the inside room to keep extra blankets and out-of-season apparel hidden but easily accessible. The soft seat cushion will provide a comfortable place to put on socks and shoes in the morning.

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Add Open Shelves For Vertical Storage In Bedroom

Small bedrooms with limited floor area benefit greatly from this storage solution. To serve as both a bedside table and a minimalist shelf unit, hang floating shelves on the wall next to your bed. For an additional pop of color, you can choose to paint the shelves in a gradation of tones before installation. This will add a distinctive aesthetic to your bedroom.

Maximize The Space Around Your Headboard In Bedroom

Make use of the area around your bed’s head for storage. To meet your storage requirements, arrange the shelves and cabinets. Here you can easily add shelves that house books, nighttime needs, and ornamental items, and a bottom cabinet with a flat table top that acts as a nightstand. This is a great idea for slightly larger rooms as opposed to smaller rooms as they can tend to look cramped.

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Utilize Space Under The Bed

The best location to keep unused items and extra linens is below the bed. Use a small wicker or a canvas bin to keep dust mites out of your under-bed storage. These clever containers are simple to pick up and move around since they usually feature handles on both sides. You can store a lot of other things under the bed too and minimize clutter.

With these storage solutions, your room will always look organized and you can rest assured that you will be able to relax as soon as you enter your room.
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