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Have you bought a new split AC? If yes, then you need to install it. However, there are many points that one should keep in mind before installing the split AC. Like most people, you may also think that not much planning is required before installing the AC, and however it is installed, the ultimate result that you want is the cooling effect. But this is not the right process. If the installation is not done accurately, you won’t be able to enjoy its benefit for long. There are ample number of guidelines that are to be considered and followed before they install split AC in their homes. If these rules are not properly followed, it may lead to more maintenance cost later on for the wrong installation process. The amount of cooling effect also depends upon these guidelines. Most of the technicians who are skilled in the installation process follow these guidelines while doing their task. Here we are going to discuss six meaningful AC split installation advice. Check it out for Best hvac repair san diego ca  guidelines.

Location of installing the outdoor unit

It is essential to select the best suitable place for the installation of both units. The outdoor unit must be installed in such a place where the technicians can easily reach it. Normally those places are selected that is easily approachable from any surface platform, window or balcony. This is essential for the technicians to install the outdoor unit as well as conduct time to time maintenance and cleaning service. Another most important point is that you must ensure no direct sunlight and water is falling on the outdoor unit of the split AC. If any such place is not available, then it is better to have a sunshade arranged on top of it.

Adequate gapping between the wall and the outdoor unit

For every type of AC, the outdoor unit is mostly placed in such a way that it leaves a sufficient gap between the wall and the outdoor unit. The length of the gapping is recommended by the manufacturer of the AC and is written on the instruction book that comes with the packaging. The gap between the outdoor unit and the wall is essential for the fine condenser motor to generate enough airflow above the condenser. It must be placed in such a way that the heat that comes out from the condenser faces no hindrance in the dissipation. It also needs to be placed on a flat and hard surface. If it does not get the required type of surface, it creates a lot of vibration that can lead to excessive damage to the condenser and other parts of the outdoor unit. The vibration can create a lot of noise that is extremely disturbing for you and your neighbours.

Location of installing the indoor unit

Split AC’s cannot be placed on any wall or position. A place must be selected from where you can get the optimum level of coolness throughout the room. It should be installed where there’s no doors on the opposite wall. This will also make sure that directly the cold air does not flow towards the door or window, which is frequently opened, thus helping in Making the room cool faster. It must be installed in a place that is away from the door or sideways from it. Installing the unit above the bed is a good option to get the maximum cooling effect. If you do not want the chilled air to directly come onto your body, then louvres can be the alternate choice. You can even install the machine on the wall towards your feet.

Adequate gapping between the wall and the indoor AC unit

A minimum of the 15-centimetre gap must be maintained between the wall and the indoor unit. This is essential for proper airflow between the gaps. It also needs to be placed at the height of 8 to 10 feet from the ground. This will ensure that the air is circulated throughout the room that includes all the corners and does not only focus on the hot floor.

Source of power

The most essential thing that is to be kept in mind before installing your indoor AC unit is the power source. The AC should be placed in such a location where the plug of the unit can easily reach the socket. These are high voltage sockets that are only dedicated to the air conditioner units. This socket must be used for only the plug of the AC. In case you do not have any such plugin in your room, you will have to install a new one.

Select the wall for installation based on the weight of the indoor unit

The strength of the wall and the weight of the machine is an important factor that you should consider before installing the indoor unit. Not all walls are strong enough to carry the weight of a heavy machine for years. Normally the outdoor walls are stronger than the indoor ones. However, not all outdoor walls have the strength to carry the big unit throughout years to come. Therefore, you must carefully consider the strength of the wall before moving forward with the installation process. It would be solid enough to handle the fixture without any problem of breakage.

Apart from these 6 AC split installation advice, there are multiple other factors that you can consider. Click here for more of the guidelines. After the process of installation is completed, ensure to check the input voltage and the current consumed by the AC machine both when the compressor is on and when it is off. This will preserve a record of the previous performance and can be matched every month to make sure that there is not any unexpected change in the working. It will also help you understand when servicing is required. 

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