Wallpapers and Murals

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Wallpapers, as well as wall murals, are used as colorful wall coverings for interiors. While they both may look and feel very similar to most people, they have their unique qualities. Here are some basic differences between the two.

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Wallpapers are made of embossed papers with prints, textures, and patterns. They are a very traditional type of wall covering that has been used for decades. On the other hand, the wall mural is a rather new type of wall cover that uses high-quality photography images. Do you need these designs and textures for your home? Check out our home painting service.

Wallpapers have come a long way in improving their material and quality. Wall murals also come in a durable material that is easy to remove and is safe for interiors. They have a water-activated adhesive that is easy to use on walls. They also come in eco-friendly varieties that don’t contain vinyl and are more sustainable.


While both wallpapers and wall murals come in a variety of textures and designs, wall murals are generally made to have a better perception of depth in the quality. Both the wall coverings are available in a variety of designs including geometrical shapes, stripes, florals, and many other textures.

Wall murals offer a more contemporary version of the wallpaper. They can use artworks and photographs in a much better way than wallpaper. Most wallpapers come in rolls or bundles that are used in covering the entire wall portion. Wall murals are sold by panels and not roles. A wall mural is produced individually like a piece of artwork compared to the mass-produced wallpaper.


All wallpapers of different brands are mostly mass-produced and they come in fixed sizes. The roll has to be used to accommodate the entire wall. Since wallpapers have a uniform pattern throughout, this can be easily done irrespective of the size of the roll. Check Asian Paints color price for exciting color options and styles.

Wall murals are made individually and are hence, customizable according to the size of the wall or the space meant for them. Wall mural is a more customizable option if you are taking an elaborate piece of art and you have specific design requirements. Murals can also be personalized according to the brand or the artist. The colors and all the other details can be changed digitally and then printed out. Large family photos can be printed or a large painting can be printed in a wall mural.


Both wallpapers are wall murals have their own unique benefits. If you want a uniform pattern for a wall, you should go for wallpapers. A variety of designs are available in all colors and patterns.

However, if you have a specific picture in mind related to a particular person, event, or place- you can print out the image in wall mural. Unlike two-dimensional wallpapers, wall murals use high-quality 3D perspective for life-like clarity in images. You can change the size of the mural to fit your wall perfectly.

Decorating walls can be an interesting task with such resources as wallpapers and wall murals. They both have the capacity to make your space creative and more inviting.

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