Foamex Printing Company
Foamex Printing Company

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmed

You have a company or working as an event manager, the most important thing of all the events is the promotion by making sure people have an idea about it. The most effective and easy way is to put big hoardings or banners beside the road or at the events in the background. It can be done with budget-friendly Foamex Board printing, which offers you the best quality graphics and design with different thickness and sizes according to your requirements. So the customization is available it can be used for printing from the small poster for indoor to big large banners on the big stand beside the road to be visible to all the people crossing through the place. With all the characteristics, usage and advantages foamex is ideal for signage printing.

Advantage of Foamex, when using for Signages:

To get the idea of why Foamex is so ideal for signage printing, we need to understand the composition of the material which provides suitability for the required purpose. It is a PVC based product that is quite strong and sturdy. Foam is quite a misleading word here for Foamex board printing if someone doesn’t know about its usage. To provide you with the information of this material usability and advantages for signage printing – Foamex Printing has various pros with features that you need to be aware of before finalising the material. Here are some points,

  1. Easily Customized- It’s a remarkably easy process to Cut the Foamex, can be customized into various shapes and attach or hang, the way you want.
  • Extremely Versatile- Foamex sheets are  flexible, easy in usage, and can be bent and shaped into various ways for making it extremely versatile for the required purpose.
  • Highly Durable- The material used is highly durable, and you can last for many years.
  • Resistive to different weathers- Foamex Board Printing provides you with a product that is water repellent as well as waterproof. So you can use it at the outdoor locations irrespective of weather changes as it is quite resistive.
  • Sturdy and Lightweight- The thickest foamex board of them all is 10mm which is extremely sturdy and quite lightweight according to its appearance. That makes Foamex signs portable and can be transported with ease. This foamex signage looks good on big hoardings beside roads or any events in the background can attract more people towards your brand.
  • Easy to mount- Foamex boards are extremely simple to mount, whether you are going with fixed signage mounted on a wall, or using a stand. By using simple and good quality adhesives, you can fix your signage up and also take it off when the job is done. It ensures to provide maximum visibility to your marketing messages to reach more and more people.
  • Perfect finish and quality graphics- When you are using FoamexBoard printing, the excellent quality of graphics and perfect finish is guaranteed with the crispest printed letters or graphics which is visually appealing for your signage.
  • Budget-friendly- People have the concern of budget for marketing and creating big banners or hoardings for promotion purposes. hoarding printing is quite cost-effective that will come way under your budget limit to get the best quality material for your purpose.
  • Can be Recycled Easily- One of the best advantages of this signage of different thickness like 3 mm, 5mm or 10mm and sizes are that these all can be recycled. Once your purpose of creating a promotional banner is over you can remove it and recycle it for other uses without harming the environment.

Final Wordings

All these advantages of using PVC based Foamex for outdoor signage gives you the idea of what an Interesting and useful material it is to work with. Little creativity, high impact, visually appealing, and excellent quality is all required to grab the attention of your audience. It seems like expensive material because of PVC and quality but it is quite under the budget than your imagination. That is why lots of businesses are moving towards Foamex Printing Company for creating signage for their business purposes.