Installing a Smart Thermostat

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The original thermostat that was launched in 2011 was a wonder to the world that could learn the daily routine of the users and generate cooling and heating schedules accordingly. It was called the nest-learning thermostat. However, after some years, it was not the only one that offered Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. It faced stiff competition from Trane, Honeywell, Carrier, Ecobee, and others. Later on, the market was taken over by a smart thermostat that can take care of heating, cooling, ventilation, and dehumidifier systems all in a go. Not every smart thermostat is able to control all the aspects; some may be specially designed for heating and cooling systems only. However, whatever may be its feature, the cost of installing a smart thermostat can be double or triple the amount that is charged for the original thermostats. However, if you consider the long-term benefits, a smart thermostat is the winner. This is because, in the end, it is going to save hundreds and thousands of bucks in the future by saving energy. 

The cost of a thermostat depends on the features

There are a variety of smart thermostats that offer different types of features in the market. All of them are designed to help you keep your home comfortable. Despite the difference in features, most of them are specialized in keeping your electric bill at the minimum. In terms of cost, the most basic thermostats are comparatively cheap than the smarter ones. However, these inexpensive thermostats are equipped with Wi-Fi featured. This Wi-Fi benefit helps you connect the thermostat to the home network through the Internet. You can control it through your tablet or smartphone using a mobile application that can be downloaded without paying any money. These can also be controlled from the web browser on availability. The basic controls that are available to you on the smart thermostat Rd temperature control system will allow you to increase or decrease the temperature of your home. You can even create a week’s temperature controlling schedule. You can easily control the system remotely from everywhere. If there is a situation where any of your family members is going to return home early, you can turn on the system or off this system as per the requirements. 

The nest-learning thermostat offers the next level of scheduling. Through its smart features, it can easily track down your daily arrival and departure from your home and the cooling and heating trends gradually. Based on the timings of daily arrival and the type of temperature you prefer to have during those times, it generates a cooling and heating schedule for your home. All these types of temperature controlling systems and tracking systems determines the price of the device. 

Other features

The more features, the more expensive thermostats get. These also come in different colour combinations. The colourful touch display gives a touch of style to the thermostat. These touch displays also come in motion sensors. Its feature is to light up the display as soon as you enter the room. 

A lot of these smart thermostats are coming with humidity sensors that send an alert as soon as they sense low or high levels of humidity. These can also show the local weather forecast on its display screen. There are other varieties to these thermostats that help in keeping the temperature uniform in all the rooms, around the house, and even in those areas, which are far away from the machine. 

The thermostats that come with geofencing technology use your phone’s location to understand when you have crossed or entered the digital perimeter surrounding your house. The virtual perimeter can be adjusted using the mobile application, and you can set the home temperatures according to your liking. This will trigger the thermostat as soon as you enter the virtual perimeter or you leave the area. To know more about the search features of smart thermostats,Get Water Heater Installation Lake Forest.

The cost of a smart thermostat

The cost of replacing an electronic thermostat with a smart one is around $420 on average. However, the prices may vary depending upon the brand you prefer. It also depends on the various types of features available on the smart thermostat. The area price of labour is another factor that can fluctuate the cost of a smart thermostat. 

According to some studies, if a person keeps his thermostat on for eight hours a day at a temperature ranging between 7 degrees Fahrenheit to 10 degrees fahrenheit, you can save 10% every year on the electricity bill. 

According to the estimations done by experts, the cost of installation can be recovered within a time of two years. Therefore, it is a smart choice to invest in a smart thermostat and save lots on electricity bills at the time when you and your family are from home at school or work. 

You can also save on your bills by choosing the most affordable energy plan for your home such as the ones offered by First Choice Power to Go which offers fixed-rate plans with locked-in rates and bills that are more predictable regardless of how much you spend.

These smart thermostats can be controlled from multiple ranges of devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple home kit, and many more. 

Can you install the smart thermostat by yourself?

Installing a smart thermostats is easy; just the knowledge of the home’s wiring system is required. It is essential that before removing the old thermostat, you must make a record of the wiring. At the time of setup, the type of system that you are having at your home is also asked. However, if you have a complex multicomponent HVAC system, it is better to have a professional technician look into this matter. 


To sum everything up, we can say that the smart thermostat may charge a high cost over the traditional model. However, whatever may be the case in the long-run smart thermostat has always proven to be much worthier than the original ones in saving electricity. Therefore, the extra cost that it is charging initially will be recovered over time by saving on electricity bills.

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