Konosuba season 3

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 Adapted from a light novel, Konsoba is a Japanese comedy movie (the sixth volume of the Konosuba series by Natsume Akatsuki). In July 2019, the movie was released in Japan. During the pre-release process, the film was supposed to be released in only select regions outside of Japan. A subtitled launch was expected in 2021. A dubbed version of the film was originally scheduled to be released in April 2020; however, it ended up being delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Konosuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world is a playful anime that mocks the type of fantasy game tropes normally seen in more casual JRPGs through a colorful cast.

Konosuba’s story and characters

With the fictional character Kazuma Sat, a boy sent to a fantasy world full of video game elements forms a dysfunctional group with a god, an arch wizard, and a crusader. When he died walking home from school while taking a video game, he was a student at high school, when he performed one heroic act of a lifetime. A beautiful but rude girl, Aqua, greets the youth in the afterlife when they regain consciousness. She claims to be the goddess guardian of the youth whose life had been cut short.

When Aqua comes back, he gives him a choice: go to heaven or fight the Demon King in another world. As a gamer instincts kick in, Kazuma participates in the first real-life role-playing game. Regardless, Kazuma must make one final decision: he can bring one thing with him to the new world. He chooses Aqua after pondering the issue and then the story starts.

Characters of Konosuba

  • Darkness: In Konosuba, she plays the leading role. She joins Kazuma’s party as a crusader who has masochistic tendencies.
  • Yunyun: He is a member of the Crimson Demon Clan, where he is to be a future chief and a friend who claims to be a rival to Megumin.
  • Bukkororii: He belongs to the Crimson Demon Clan. He is the son of a shoe-shop owner. He wants to become the most experienced shoemaker of the Crimson Demon. He is a neighbor of Megumin.
  • Kyo-yaMitsurugi: Throughout the Konosuba series, he is a charming prince hero who is also skilled with swords.
  • Chumosuki: A black cat with red cross-shaped markings on her forehead and bat-like wings. She has a stubby back, big eyes, and a big round head. When she is angry or happy, her teeth are sharp.
  • Komekko: She is the younger sister of Megumin.
  • Funifura: She is an old classmate of Yunyun and Megumin and is frequently seen right next to Dodonko.
  • Dodonku: She is also a member of Megumi’s class who is frequently seen next to Funifura.
  • Hyoizaburoo: He is the father of Megumin and a magic item crafter.
  • Soketto: The Crimson Demon Clan member and fortune teller in the Crimson Demon Village.

The publications of Konosuba

Web Novel

In December 2012 and October 2013, Natsume Akatsuki published an original online series for Syosetu. Additionally, aside from the story starring Wiz and Vanir was written by the same author. The fantasy elements of Konosuba were derived from tabletop role-playing games that Akatsuki enjoyed playing video games like Wizardry and Final Fantasy.

Light novel

  • Various light novel versions with illustrations by Kurone Mishimahave been published by Kadokawa Shoten in their Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint between October 1, 2013, and May 1, 2020. The storyline of the light novel is quite different from the web novel from volume 6 onward, as well as changing the heroes’ ages.
  • Akatsuki and Mishima have also written and illustrated another light novel series titled KonoSuba. Three volumes have been released prior to the main series starting July 1, 2014. A sequel novel, KonoSuba, was released on December 28. In April 2016, another series featuring Vanir was published, called KonoKamen no Akumani So-dan o. The third spin-off series began publishing on August 1, 2017.
  • A Yen Press announcement was made on May 20, 2016, that a light novel would be released in North America by Yen Press. Two volumes of the manga were released simultaneously on February 21, 2017.

Media Adaptation of Konosuba


A manga adaptation based on KonoSuba, illustrated by Masahito Watari, started running in October 2014. The light novel volume twelfth was accompanied by a spin-off manga.

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 Studio deen originally aired the anime television adaptation and subsequently, it was broadcast by eight other channels and several video-on-demand streaming networks. AnimeLab and Crunchyroll both broadcast the series in Australia and several other countries including North America. 

Koichi Kikuta designed characters for the series, with Takaomi Kanasaki directing and Makoto Uezu writing. On June 16, 2016, Konosuba’s ninth light novel was accompanied by a video animation.

Opening themes were designed by Machico and feature the work of Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano.”Tomorrow” was the opening theme of the first season; “OuchiniKaeritai” was the closing theme of the second season as performed by Amamiya, Takahashi, and Kayano. The second season of the series was released on Blu-ray by Discotek Media in North America in 2021.

When is Konosuba season 3 coming out?

No official release date for “Konosuba” season 3 has been announced. Anime fans are really excited to hear about the arrival of the third season. The final date is not confirmed. The opening date is rumored to be January 2023.

Is Konosuba Season 3 coming or not?

  • Although there is no official confirmation about the release of season 3, there are some rumors about the production of Konosuba Season 3.
  • Konosuba, the most popular anime comedy of the season, continues to raise many questions regarding its Konosuba Season 3 release. Aside from the many comical characters and quality voice acting featured in this anime series, there is also the love hysteria between Kazuma and Megumin that is at the center of the plot. Even though we have no idea whether Kazuma and Megumin will ever get together for good unless the third season airs, we may be able to make a confident assumption. If season 3 is not released, fans will also miss Aqua and Darkness.
  • The Konosuba sequel is expected to be an impressive animation and voice acting. There are many light novels for Konosuba that could say a lot more about the story behind the world-famous orator Konosuba.
  • There is a problem with Konosuba since it has never been officially announced, and we do not know what the chance is that Konosuba Season 3 will be green-lit.
  • To find out whether there will be a season 3 or not, we need to look at the current sales, source material, and popularity of Konosuba.


In the 2020s, Konosuba’s popularity peaked and it is still going strong today. People who search for both the series and the movie are eagerly awaiting the next season of the show. This time it is the opposite as more people are searching for the sequel than for the first.

Their social media profiles have also gained several new followers. People continue to download Volume 17 daily even though it is extremely popular. Sales of Konosuba’s merchandise have increased as well since the release of their movie. It is another positive factor in their popularity that they keep adding new items to their merchandise every month.

Source material

The anime genre has numerous sources, including manga, mobile games, visual novels, and light novels. Konosuba is a light novel adaptation. Konosuba’s last book will publish 17 volumes in May 2020.

It is important to mention that the series keeps adding spin-offs such as Megumin and Yunyun’s studies two years before the main series to keep viewers interested and to give them an alternative take on it. As light novels have already ended, based on the current status, it is reasonable to assume that there will be a 1% chance that the sequel will not happen.

Reports indicate that the first season adapted only volumes 1 and 2, the second season adapted 3rd and 4th, and the fifth volume was fully adapted. This pattern may continue for season 3.

Sales and profit information

 All Konosuba products make a lot of money. Even though Blu-ray sales have dropped somewhat, it didn’t significantly affect the market in 2020.

In comparison to other popular anime series, Konosuba is very cheap and earns a lot of money, so there is no reason season three should not be aired.

It’s good news that 17 light novels and 15 manga volumes have been released in Japan by May 2022, with the most recent volume being released on May 9. There are, therefore, good primary sources to support at least four additional anime seasons and several theatrical releases.

Finally, there is popularity, which KonoSuba possesses in spades both locally and abroad. The series has achieved such widespread success that it is now regarded as a classic movie.

Season 1 of MyAnimeList received an impressive 8.12/10 out of a possible 10, while season 2 upheld that standard with an 8.28/10 out of a possible 877,000 ratings!


In our conclusion, it’s almost certain that Konosuba season 3 will be released very soon.; even though we have gone over all the minor details. We cannot tell exactly when the film is going to be released but maybe early 2023.