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Our society is very good at giving importance to negative things, among which failure is also the one. Scholars and learned people have been advocating reframing failure and presenting it in front of the students so that they can get inspiration from failure also instead of getting depressed and hopeless. Sometimes when this negative aspect of failure takes over the mind of the students and they believe negatively that they are destined to fail and this situation of helplessness is called Learned Helplessness.

This is a situation where students feel like they have lost control over the things and now whatever will happen that will happen only to failure only. This situation comes due to the disengagement of guardians, parents, and caregivers in the cognitive development of the students and as the continuity of failures becomes repetitive 2-4 times, they believe that they are destined to be failed and nothing more is going to happen in their life except of failure.

School management always helps the student stuck in such a situation these days in order to maintain the disorder in the attendance management system. School management are opting for a  student attendance management system. This student attendance management system keeps all the data related to student’s attendance. Those students who suffer from learned helplessness they refuse to accept the help even if the tutor repeatedly offers the help, they easily get frustrated and in the same way they give up easily, they never wish to put their efforts, they have no connection with motivation and encouragement so far and they take themselves as completely worthless and they presume that they have self-efficiency.

Although it is a very toughs’ job to encourage and motivate self-destructive students, still there is nothing impossible in this world. One can educate himself/herself with some other mediums also like one can learn being in the circle of learned people. People who have knowledge of various things and sectors and they can help one to improve his/her knowledge and skills. So, to provide such knowledge level and education and to grab the sad soul from sadness and make such students, few steps can be taken.

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Let’s discuss them. According to the school LMS of many reputed educational institutions failure is the first step of the ladder of success. School LMS also suggests that hurdles will come for sure in the way of success but the students need to defeat them with self-confidence and optimism. Getting failed is not the finishing line, instead it is the initial line of the journey of success. The one who accepted his/her defeat and stood up to fight back with full confidence, can never be defeated again by any adverse condition or enemy. Students need to change the traditional things in their minds such that they have to get sad and completely depressed if they fail, instead, they should celebrate the failure because they got another chance to improve their studies and get passed with top class marks instead of getting passed with just grace of 3rd class marks.

Celebration of failure doesn’t mean that one should neglect the effect of failure instead students should understand that failure comes to tell you that you can do better other than just get passed with 3rd division so students should muster the courage and give their 110% efforts in order to attain good marks and should take the help of optimism. They should believe in themselves and their efforts day and night so that the negativity of learned helplessness gets turned into the optimism of winning the situation always. To overcome such a situation, students need the help of tutors and parents also.

They need to praise and appreciate the efforts of the students as much as they can so that they can also praise themselves when they see themselves in the mirror which will build self-confidence in them at high level and they will never lose hope in themselves. Students will have to build up a positive mindset that may come what may, if the challenge is very new and they have no idea how to deal with it, even then they will fight back and will win the situation at any cost. Following the above-stated methods, students can help themselves in learned helplessness very easily.