Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence incidents have been on the rise, and because of this, states have instilled strict laws against domestic violence, intending to protect the victims. Being accused of a crime is frightening, but it is even worse when it is a domestic violence accusation. Before you even begin defending your innocence, you might rot behind the locked doors. Your partner may accuse you of domestic violence to leverage themselves in case of a divorce, custody or separation. They may also do it as a form of revenge. Instead of waiting and hoping the charges will drop, here are vital things you must do.

Get a Lawyer

One of the most critical things you should do when accused of domestic violence is to hire a Los Angeles Domestic Violence attorney to help you determine the complexity of your case. A lawyer is able to guide you on what to do and things to avoid. Understandably, you are frustrated and hurt because of the accusations. An attorney will help defend your name and ensure you get a fair judgment. Furthermore, it will be easy to prove your innocence with a knowledgeable person about domestic violence law. By working with an experienced Los Angeles lawyer, your defense may turn tables, and you may get a chance to expose the accuser for the liar they are. This will come with positive results and eliminate you from the criminal record.

Stay Away from the Accuser

You might be tempted to speak with the accuser with the aim of trying to calm things down. However, this is not advisable since things could worsen than before. If it is possible, stop interacting with the accuser. Stopping the interactions will eliminate the chances of the person saying you have continued to abuse them. Instead, offer to meet them when a third person is present or in public. This way, you will have people who can witness your interactions with the accuser. If kids are involved, never use them as witnesses. If there comes a time when you need to speak with the accuser, you can use your lawyer to convey the message instead.

Maintain Peace

If the accuser wants to get you behind bars, they will do everything to get you high on your tempers. They will try everything to make you angry, especially when other people are around. This way, they can point out your actions to everyone else. No matter what the person does, we advise maintaining your calm. Avoid emotional outbursts and respect the restraining orders. Remaining away from the person and respecting court orders demonstrates your cooperation, which will be easy when proving your innocence.

Bonus Point

If you have not been officially charged with domestic violence, never answer questions or talk about the issue unless with your attorney. Police may trick you into telling your side of the story, only to get more statements and use them against you. Instead, hold your right to remain silent and only speak with your lawyer. Do not even try to make things work with the accuser at this point. 

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