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The teenage years can be exciting yet challenging for adolescents and parents alike.  Teenagers are tomorrow’s leaders and today’s learners.  

Sometimes, parents need a little help to forge and maintain strong relationships with their children. Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy can help make a positive difference. 

Parents may have questions about wilderness therapy programs and how they can help their children grow into adulthood. Let’s explore some answers to these questions to give parents peace of mind and see the benefits of wilderness therapy programs like Trails Carolina. 

What is Trails Carolina, and Who Do They Help?  

Founder Graham Shannonhouse established this cutting-edge program in 2008, creating beneficial behavioral and positive emotional changes in adolescents. 

When parents contact Trails Carolina, they are first met with competent and understanding admissions team members ready and willing to help determine if this program is suitable for their family. 

The team will guide them through the process of admission and the transition into the program. They will then walk beside them to navigate a path to successful graduation.  

This program is accredited by stellar organizations like NATSAP, Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, and the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.  

Additionally, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, giving parents peace of mind. Competent, caring, capable staff members and family coaches work closely with students to ensure their success. 

Family Coaches and Classes

Family Coaches and Classes

Trained, skillful, and caring family coaches work with parents to support the work at trails to help students overcome negative thoughts and behaviors. They work to help families turn weaknesses into strengths, working towards better social skills and familial bonds.

These coaches guide Trails Carolina participants into stepping towards their potential, growing more confident, communicating better, and connecting with their peers. Family coaches can offer help, hope, and healing to build successful students.  

Certified teachers provide accredited academic instruction tailored to each student’s unique needs. Immersive classes with hands-on opportunities to work with animals keep students interested and involved.  

Amanda Mojave, a family coach at Trails Carolina, says that the growth trajectory for typical teens is never linear, which is essential to name. She works with students and encourages them toward positive growth after meeting them wherever they are at.

What is the Program All About?  

Trails Carolina has foundational beliefs that guide its program. These beliefs include the wilderness setting augments the therapeutic process, adaptability and resilience are taught and enforced by the unique and inspiring environment in which the program operates. 

Finally, the entire family will benefit from being involved in therapy together to support and encourage the teen.  The challenges they will face in this unique program will strengthen the student in many ways, build self-confidence, and encourage the development of excellent problem-solving and coping skills. 

Where Does This All Take Place?

The unique setting for the program is a beautiful wilderness area of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.  This spectacular setting takes students directly into the healing heart of nature in the Nantahala National Forest. 

From rock climbing, inhaling fresh air around a gorgeous waterfall, and navigating lakes to the peaceful horseback trails and exciting hiking adventures, the environment can soothe and strengthen each student. Producing resilient and confident graduates from the program. 

Conquering the elements in a wilderness environment can encourage students to surmount negative thoughts and behaviors and cultivate a more positive and confident attitude. 

Why Choose Trails Carolina?

Team members are available seven days a week to help guide a successful journey through the Trails Carolina Wilderness program, from answering any questions about the program to getting student’s enrolled so they can start their wilderness adventure. 

The success of this program is undeniable. Trails Carolina helps teenagers tackle challenging health conditions, like ADHD, ODD, other diagnoses, attachment issues, adoption adjustment, depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and manipulative and self-harm behaviors. 

The team is passionate about supporting and assisting teens to overcome many kinds of challenges to become the best person they can be. The wilderness therapy setting and program allow them to accomplish that in beautiful ways. 

Individual and group therapy sessions allow students to achieve positive, lasting results by regulating their own emotions, thriving independently, tackling transference issues, and achieving self-awareness that allows them to continue to grow beyond the program.  

The ability to control and maintain their mental health in positive ways allows students to continue to regulate their behavior after returning home from the program. Enhancing social skills, understanding relationships, and maintaining good habits to maintain relationships will set every teenager up for a lifetime of success.

The Trails Carolina program truly works, with an 80% improvement in depression symptoms reported between the beginning of the program and a year past its end; this program works. 

The ability to transition with all positive improvements to their regular environments at the end of the Trails Carolina program means that this is not just a temporary change in one environment but a life-changing positive adjustment to a healthier, happier, better-adjusted child. 

How to Get Started

Anyone concerned about the emotional or behavioral health of their child, dealing with a concerning issue with their teen, or those who want to foster a continued positive relationship through a difficult-to-navigate time in the life of their loved one should look into Trails Carolina Wilderness Reviews to see if the program is right for them.  

You can also call directly to their toll-free number to speak with the qualified and caring staff there and learn more about how the wilderness adventure therapy program can benefit your teen and family today.

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