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Are you looking for a new hobby? Do you want to find something you can do with your hands?

Have you considered getting into the wonderful world of candlemaking?  

Soy candles are fun to make and even more fun to use. And, the act of candlemaking has a lot of benefits you may not have considered. So, let’s go through how to make soy candles at home.

Why Make Soy Candles?

There are lots of benefits to having and making soy candles. They can be a good self-care tool. Both the crafting process and the finished product can help you relax and improve your mood. They’re very handy in an emergency, particularly in the event of a power outage. You can give them away as personalized gifts or make a batch for party favors.

Plus, soy candles tend to be healthier than other kinds of candles. Learn more about soy candles today.

Gathering The Materials

First, you’ll need the right materials to make soy candles at home. You need soy wax, usually in the form of flakes or pellets. You’ll need containers for your finished candles. And, of course, you’ll need wicks for your candles.

There are optional additions for your candles, too. If you’d like scented candles, look into fragrance oils. You can add different colors to make your candles more aesthetically pleasing.

And double-check that you have the right tools on hand. You’ll need a working thermometer to monitor the temperature as you melt the wax. You should also make sure you have scissors, a heatproof container, wick holders, and heating implements.

Gathering The Materials

Making The Candles

Then, it’s time to actually make the candles. Start by carefully measuring out the wax. Put the wax in a microwave-safe container. Don’t just stick it in there for five minutes, though.

Microwave for shorter increments, and stir thoroughly in between. This will prevent the wax from burning and keep it melting evenly. If you plan to add wax dye to your candles, you should sprinkle it in before the melting process.

If you’d like, you can also use a double boiler to melt your wax, although you’ll have to keep a much closer eye on it. 

Put your wick carefully in the containers you plan to use for your candles. Make sure they’re centered. Once your wax is at the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, it’s time to carefully pour your wax into the containers. If you plan to add scents to your candles, this is the time to add the fragrance oil, but make sure that you remove the wax from the heat first.

Use a wick holder to keep the wicks in place as your candles dry. Let the candles cool at least overnight. Voila! You’ll now have super cool soy candles. 

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How To Make Soy Candles at Home? Get Started

With this guide explaining how to make soy candles at home, you’ll have plenty of great new candles in no time at all. So, start gathering what you need, and get started.

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